There’s a definite chill in the air which can only mean that Autumn is slowly creeping into our calendar and turning everything a lovely shade of rusty gold. It’s a good job we have some awesome videos to keep us all snuggly and warm, right? This week we are feeling the Fall and getting ready for Halloween but we also take time to have a look at how fun it is to fly with National Airlines and how beautiful Los Santos looks at sunset.

To kick off our selection, internet heroes Rhett and Link settle the “Nerd Vs Geek” argument once and for all. By a rap battle. I think being a geek just won out so can’t wait for the second instalment “Geel Vs Dork” in which the winner is decided through the medium of interpretative dance.

The Simpson’s intros have always been a joy to watch and the ‘Treehouse of Horror’ ones especially have been a delight. But for Halloween 2013, the show wanted something spectacular so recruited “Pans Labyrinth” and “Pacific Rim” director Guillermo del Toro to do the honours. He didn’t disappoint with his 2 minute 45 second masterpiece that manages to cram in about a billion references to other movies. It’s creepy, clever, mesmerising and you’ll find yourself watching it over and over again to catch the references. These include The Birds, Blade, Phantom of the Opera, Edgar Allen Poe, Pans Labyrinth, Cthulhu, Hypotoad, The Illustrated Man and The Shining. Perfect.

Talking of horror, we always suspected there was something sinister about pumpkin flavoured anything (except pumpkins). Official Comedy agree and illustrate their point by showing how this ridiculous craze is taking over our lives. And not in a good way.

We’re not quite finished with our Autumnal/Horror theme yet (well, it is getting very near to Halloween, after all). Drive-Thru prank guy is back and this time he’s brought his friend, the skeleton. Laugh out loud funny.

OK, one more Autumn one but let’s combine Fall with cats to make the video you always wanted to watch. Skip to 00:31 for your squeeeeeeeeeee moment.

Next up, comedian and internet prankster has the absolute perfect cure for the motion sickness you may have been experiencing from your newly installed iOS7. Informative and sweary.

We’re on cloud nine about the latest video from Mental Floss that takes us through the world of idiom origins and shows us the tricks of the trade. See what we did there?

Flying is hilarious fun and not at all boring/heart stoppingly terrifying, right? In the following parody, Worm Hotel add their own audio track to actual airplane safety film clips. Electronic circle game sounds ace. Remember, cats must go under the seats

AsapSCIENCE ask “Could Your Brain Be Hacked?” Spoiler: Yes

Your Grand Theft Auto Parody Videos Of The Week

I’m pretty sure Rockstar don’t need the extra publicity for GTA V but these three videos were just too good to leave out of this week’s round up. First up is a supercut of all the knockouts in the game. Obviously, we don’t condone violence but some of these are just too stupid not to laugh at. That is one angry boy.

Machinima bring us some absolutely beautiful time lapse footage of the game. Los Santos has never looked so inviting – the sun sets and rises, clouds sweep across the sky, a thunderstorm lights up the city and waves lap the shoreline. Excellent use of a soundtrack too.

Dumb Ways to Die“, the Cannes award winning video from Australian Metro spawned a tonne of parodies so it’s no surprise we find one for GTA V. Awesome.