It’s Friday again so grab that cup of pumpkin flavoured coffee and take a few minutes to watch some of our favourite videos of the last seven days – the one’s that have made us think, laugh and go ooooooh. This week, all you ever  wanted or needed to know about farts, a spectacular dancing moustache, a montage of cars revving their engines and some clever people doing things with dominoes and paper tissues.

Let’s kick off with 50 YouTube spoilers from last month. The ever wonderful Fine Bros bring us the highlights of October’s most watched or most talked about videos and I’m proud/astonished to say I’ve watched the full length version of every one of these.

Find out all about those accidental scientific inventions including Viagra, matches and gunpowder from the Mental Floss team.

And now for the most important video of the week. VSauce ask whether silent farts are worse than audible ones. Answer: All farts are horrible.

The excellent Lily Allen releases a song and video that parodies Robin Thicke, racism and misogyny in music, Miley, twerking, Jessie J, autotuning and million other pop cliches and the chattering classes go insane debating whether she’s promoting all these stereotypes herself. Pop will eat itself.

That nastiest of all flavours, pumpkin, is becoming inexplicably more popular every year. As a processed food flavour it may be all the rage but more often than not it contains no actually pumpkin. In this little video from The New York Times, we learn that it’s mostly cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg that add the actual flavour to “pumpkin” pies and coffee, and most of those ingredients are probably synthetic. Now, pecan pie on the other hand, OMG take all my money.

As a cat owner I am constantly amazed and impressed how they magically find that one shard of sunlight or patch of underfloor heating that will keep them warm and stick with it all day even if it means moving one thousand times. As demonstrated by this handsome ginger tom.

Tissue animals made of tissue!

We’re halfway through Movember and Nick Offerman affirms how great it is to have something growing above your lip in this bizarre stachedance. Ron Swanson would be very confused.

And talking of Ron Swanson, you’ve all been saying it wrong.

Domino superheroes Hevesh5 and MillionenDollarBoy apparently spent three months planning, building, executing and then editing this Rube Goldberg style display. 20,000 dominoes were used and the result is outstanding.

Ex-ReelSEOer’s Cinemas Sins ripped Pacific Rim apart. They absolutely LOVE that narrator.

Car porn.