You just can’t trust anyone these days. Just when you thought that viral video you watched was the real thing, up pops a TV comedian to tell you that it was a fake from start to finish and you should know better than to trust anything you watch online.

For the sake of convenience, let’s assume Jimmy is behind all of our featured videos this week until he proves otherwise. Let’s get all the lovey dovey, smooshey ones out of the way first…..

Putting this one out there in the unlikely event that some of you haven’t seen it. Man wakes up from surgery, goes nuts when he realises beautiful woman is actually his wife. World explodes into kittens.

Awwwww, couple document first pregnancy over (unsurprisingly) nine months. By taking 1 second of footage from each day and stitching that into a video that lasts nearly 5 mins, they’ve created their own little digital journal. *something in eye*

ASAPscience bring us back down to earth with a bump by de-constructing heartbreak. Boo.

Buzzfeed bring us 8 things we didn’t know about the orgasm. Photocopiers eh? SFWish.

Moving on, Domics takes us through the minefield that is sending an email.

Yay! CGPGray is back and this time he explains what Reddit is and why we should care. Best quote: “If Google is where you go to search for things, Reddit is where you go to see the things that people have found”.

Oh this is fantastic – someone actually went to the effort of re-editing Monty Python’s Holy Grail into a serious trailer. It’s kind of hard not to smirk if you’re familiar with the movie but if you’ve never seen it I think this really works. More please!

FVF favs Slacktory bring out another goodie. “It’s what movie characters say about an hour before they believe the aforementioned guy.”

This is kind of magnificent and horrifying at the same time. Anthony Cerniello’s time lapse footage of a young girl growing into an old woman was achieved by filming family members with the same kind of bone structure and editing the cuts together to look like the same person at different stages.

VSauce asks the question: what do we actually see in the dark? I hope the bit about the pirates is true.

ReelSEO Viral Video Of The Week

If there was ever a fake amongst this week’s picks then this is it. But it’s very well made so we’ll go with it. Take a beautiful British girl, put her in a frock and slingbacks and get her to talk about poop for 2 mins. It’s a winning combination. Only 3 days old it’s already attracted (at time of writing) 1,562,296 views. Oh, and how do we know it’s a fake? Girls don’t poop of course. We all know that, right?