Hello, everyone.  Welcome to Friday.  Feels good, doesn’t it?  Being all Friday and stuff.  So, conjuring up the fun that the day elicits, I’ve rounded up 10 videos for Friday viewing.  Some you might already have seen a couple of these, I know I couldn’t log into Facebook or e-mail without someone sending me a couple of them.  But that doesn’t make them bad videos!  In fact, all of these are good videos in some way, and I know most people will enjoy them.  So, sit right back, relax, and watch some funny, entertaining, educational, possibly frightening videos for the weekend of January 18.

Please note that some videos may contain strong language and material.

Videos For Your Enjoyment

Seriously, I couldn’t go anywhere without someone posting the “Bad Lip Reading: NFL” video.  The guys at BLR have scored several mega-hits in their time, but this one appeals to almost everyone across the board and already has 11 million views since its launch on January 15th:

Did you know that SMOSH passed Ray William Johnson to become the #1 subscribed YouTube channel?  Well Ray William Johnson sure did, and he invited SMOSH to co-host his own show, where they all get some good digs in at each other, in addition to the usual “=3” hijinks:

YouTube changes almost every minute.  And every day, or week, or month, they change something else about it.  So in perfect “How-To” cadence, Some Grey Bloke has made a video about YouTube changing again.  And some of the features will be incredibly useful!  And hilarious:

Now we turn to heartbreaking horror/comedy in the vein of Edgar Allen Poe, as Jonah D. Ansell uses the voices of Christopher Lloyd, Kathy Bates, and Tavi Gevinson in this animated short film about a cadaver who has promised his heart forever to his widow.  The title says it all.  Here’s Cadaver: A Bittersweet Love Story:

Paper is a dinosaur.  You can take that to mean a couple of things in this animated video, where a paper dinosaur comes in contact with an iPad.  It’s called Paper Age:

It’s January, so it’s cold out there for some of you.  It might be cold for this cat, too, although this cat is ready to play in the snow, as this video called “Cat Meets Snow” shows:

Why go to school (or “uni”) in a car when the roads are covered in ice?  Why not grab some skis and hitch on the back of a car heading your way?  That’s a lot more fun (and probably somewhat dangerous).  Kind of reminds me of the beginning of Back to the Future:

How It Should Have Ended gives their take on how The Hobbit should have ended, and had it went this way, I think a lot of people might have been spared some trouble:

Now, this is exactly how The Lord of the Rings ended for Elijah Wood back in the day of shooting the massive trilogy:

I’d like to close with this educational video.  Did you know that thinking affects your brain?  AsapSCIENCE takes a look at the funny things your brain does when you put it through the rigors of thinking.  I have a feeling that some people’s brains haven’t been shaped at all:

Enjoy your weekend, everyone.