Welcome to the last Fun Video Friday of September 2013 and get your hankies ready for the first two because they will make you go all bambi-legged unless you have a heart made of cold, cold stone. It’s not all cutesy though, we get to see lots of plane crashes and stuff about maps and watch Justin Bieber get a pasting from Zach Galifianakis too. Happy Friday!

Your “I’ve Got Something In My Eye” Videos Of The Week

Go Pros, Firemen and Kittens – that’s a winning combination right there. This heart melting video, already at 4.5 Million views in just 2 days, is a wonderful little snapshot in time of the role that first responders play at scenes of awful devastation. The kitten didn’t make it unfortunately but still.

Daughter can’t sleep because she thinks she hears fireworks so father keeps her mind off it by getting her to sing along to the Patience and Prudence old timey classic “Tonight you belong to me.” Precious.

OK, let’s get back to the funny stuff. Funny or Die’s “Between Two Ferns” made a welcome return this week featuring Justin Bieber. “You’ve had three hairstyles, what’s next for your career”

However much of an online currency they have become, using hashtags in real life conversation is #superannoying. Not convinced? Watch #Fallon and #Timberlake crush any credibility the hashtag may have had. #tellmewhenthisgetboringandillstopok #lololololol

Love Twitter? Love Musicals? Would love to watch a musical about Twitter? Here ya go!

The ever bouncy Vlogbrother Hank Green enthuses over maps and brings us 42 of the world’s most important. Fascinating.

This incredible video is a live demonstration of projection mapping on moving objects from San Francisco design firm Bot and Dolly. Absolutely stunning.


Are you a Fall/Autumn kind of a person. Then you’ll probably know these 10 things about that season. What’s with all the hype about Pumpkin flavour drinks?? Yuck.

AsapSCIENCE show us that a chronic lack of sleep seems like it’s a very, very bad thing indeed.

Your Super Supercut Videos Of The Week

Screen Junkies bring us the worst inflight movie ever with their compilation of air crashes and general aeroplane pandemonium. Happy flying!

Beautifully edited by Duncan Robson, here’s a lovely little montage of TV and film people taking out their frustrations on inanimate objects. As someone who nearly threw their laptop out of an upstairs window yesterday because a page failed to load in exactly 0.0000001 seconds, this is hugely satisfying to watch.