Welcome to our weekly round up of the best viral videos we’ve seen over the past 7 days. A mixed bag this week with some of the usual favourites like ASAPscience, The Fine Bros and Mental Floss but there are also a couple that we’ve caught just before we think they will go super viral.

One is the moving new advert from Guinness and the other a nonsense pop video from Norway. Obviously we have included the obligatory Get Lucky parody videos for your enjoyment but we have restricted ourself to just the one cat video…..

Let’s start with all the spoilers from many of the videos we covered from August 2013. The Fine Bros always do a spectacular job of condensing everything down to the allotted time and leaving you wanting more.

Featuring the world’s most beautiful song, the amazing new advert from Guinness is already nudging 775,000 views on YouTube. Produced by BBDO New York, the twist at the end of the video is poignant and unexpected. We won’t be surprised to see this as one of the most watched ads of the month.

Only 3 days old (which, admittedly, is a long time in internet years) this music video from Norwegian band Ylvis has already attracted 2,165,921 views. ‘The Fox’ features furry cosplay, inane lyrics and it is going to be all over the internet for the rest of the year I’m sure. I hate it already.

This video from LG Chile has created a huge amount of buzz this week and attracted (at time of writing) 3,776,563 views in the 4 days since its release. It is pretty spectacular as you’re about to see for yourself.

Your Get Lucky Videos Of The Week

It really is the song that keeps on giving and just when you thought you’d heard the last of it, up pop a few more parodies – these are the best three from this last week. In the first, we get to hear the ‘Mario Paint’ version which is an absolute stroke of genius. In the second we get a supercut of YouTube stars ‘singing’ along and the third was released to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. I’m sure we’ll get sick of these at some point, but for now, sit back and enjoy and find yourself humming away for the rest of the day…

The 1960’s TV campfest that was ‘Batman‘ is still one of my all time favourite shows and this brilliant little gem from Kyle Roberts brings us the opening credits in stop motion form. Nice nod to the Ben Affleck furore too.

Jonesing for a drink of cool watermelon but only have a drill and coathanger to hand to help you turn your dream into reality? Watch how Mark Rober uses these unlikely tools to produce a watermelon smoothie in 2 minutes.

What’s that? You’d like to watch a compilation video of cats Saying ‘Yum Yum Yum’ and ‘Nom Nom Nom’ as they eat? Well OK then.

Smooth McGroove is the king of the acapella video but his latest Tetris theme one is outstanding.

What do you call your sweet carbonated beverage of choice? Here is the UK we call it pop or a soft drink but it could be tonic, soda or a coke depending where you are in the U.S. John Green takes us through another 106 regional slang words in this very entertaining video.

The Team from Dude Perfect bring us as many golfing stereotypes as they can fit into a 5.59 minute video.

ASAPscience ask us whether we can really trust our own eyes as they bring us some visual illusions that test our understanding. Mind blown.

Your Supercut Video Of The Week

Wait – I Love You!

See you next week with more viral videos from the next 7 days!