We’re just three months away from the premiere of ‘The Lego Movie’ and Warner Brothers have released a fantastic little trailer featuring the grumpiest Batman ever and Morgan Freeman as the voice of God. We are in love with Emmet already. Elsewhere Virgin America make the least boring airline safety video possible, ZeFrank brings us all we need to know about the Cuttlefish but were afraid to ask and we find out that stress is a very bad thing indeed. Welcome to Fun Video Friday from ReelSEO.

British satirists, The Exploding Heads, take on commentary duties for the Spurs and Heat NBA Finals and it’s comedy gold. Hoopy snoop, snoopy hoop!

The new trailer is out for ‘The Lego Movie’ and it’s awesome. There’s a brilliantly grouchy Batman, the world’s bounciest man, Emmet and a million other different Lego characters all trying to stop an evil genius gluing their world together in the stop motion film due out in February 2014. Not going to lie, that double decker couch is the best thing ever.

Always been a little unsure about the etiquette of fist bumping? Funny Shorts fill in the gaps with their “Gentleman’s Guide to Fist Bumps” that cover all the bases from the classic “Rocket Ship” to my personal favourite “Newton’s Cradle”.

Grandpa Bill spent years building up his model railway world and filling it with buildings and country landscapes. So what better way of showing it off than slapping a GoPro onto the front engine of a train and taking the viewer for a little ride through this miniature land. I could watch this for hours.

Mental Floss take us through 32 different superstitions and their origins including throwing salt over your left shoulder, walking under ladders and blacks cats. Does anyone actually hold their breath while passing a cemetery?

Safety announcements must be the dullest part of flying, both for the crew and the passengers, even though they are a legal requirement blah blah blah. But Virgin America just won the internet for the best pre-flight safety video ever.

ZeFrank is back with one of his profiles of some odd specimen from the animal kingdom. This time around it’s the Cuttlefish and the video contains the best line about trying to move through the water by vomiting out of a giant straw and flapping your skirt around very fast EVER.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield, has a new book coming out and he challenged his son to make a video to promote it. The result is a glorious portrayal of an astronaut finding his feet back on earth and struggling with mundane tasks like hoovering, and doing the laundry. That is, until he finds “An Astronauts Guide To Life” in his local bookstore. Just imagine having a real life astronaut for a dad….


After that horrifying parasites video of last week, ASAPscience pose the question “Can Stress Really Kill You?”. The fight and flight response is hardwired into us but its affects on the modern day human can be completely devastating.

And after all that stress, now treat yo’ self and unwind to some of the most beautiful time lapse images of America. Breathtaking.