We’ve already covered ‘First Kiss‘ and ‘Obama vs Galifianakis‘, both of which scored about a billion views between them this week, but we still have a lot of love for some of other videos you may have missed in the last 7 days. HBO’s ‘True Detective’ has spawned many parodies and we bring you two of the best including the inevitable Jimmy Kimmel take-off. There’s also a look behind the scenes at a totally-for-real Oreo factory and what would happen if Google was a guy, Part Two. Welcome to Fun Video Friday.

Oreo do video marketing so well, but how often do we get to see the real story behind those lovely little cookies? Did you know some companies harvest both leaded and unleaded Oreos for raw material and the wrappers are used for building insulation in Vancouver? This pseudo-documentary takes us behind the scenes at the manufacturing plant and lets us into a few secrets, such as half the flour in the US is extracted from Oreos and harvested for cocaine, gunpowder, cocoa and sugar by factory wizards. Completely believable and an excellent piece of earned media for Oreo.

Remember the original ‘What if Google was a Guy’ video? Well, what if Google was still a guy and we still insisted on asking him a bunch of inane questions like ‘why do MY farts smell’, and ‘avoid being bullied for wearing Google Glass’. It’s funny cos it’s true!

We’re not quite finished with Google though. Remember those ubiqutous Facebook Look Back videos. Well, here’s one for your Google Plus account that doesn’t have *quite* the nostalgia. It’s funny cos it’s true!

The first series of True Detective ended its run last weekend (we’re only on episode 4 in the UK so no spoilers please). Inevitably, the show has generated a rash of parody videos and memes but we really liked this one from Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Rogan. As Harrelson and McConaughey have confirmed they won’t be returning, the two comedians created their own season 2 trailer and that’s generated a quarter of a million views. Is a successful social media campaign now as important as viewing figures for the the big TV blockbusters? Answer: yes.


While we’re on the subject, have you been desperate for an 8-bit version of the HBO show? Well, wait no more. Its NSFW but does contain an excellent electronic version of the T-Bone Burnett theme song. The season may have run its course but we have a feeling that the amateur spin-offs are going to keep going for a while yet.

A new video from Mental Floss is always a good thing, especially when they tackle a crucial topic of pop culture. This week, Hank lets a little light in on the magic that is children’s television including those rumors that Barney is really Satan in disguise and that Scooby Doo’s original name was ‘Too Much’ until Frank Sinatra came to the rescue.