Fun Video Friday is back after the holiday break and we promise you there’s not a scrap of tinsel or a fairy light left in sight. We do have some of the best videos of the past couple of weeks though including an amazing tribute to the guy behind Etch-a-Sketch via the medium of that ground-breaking toy, a video that will probably set off a nasty headache, a Monty Python mash-up, and lots of very bad movie swearing.

So, you know what’s really successful in terms of visual media – apart from cats of course? Nate Ziller suggests that a certain part of the female anatomy may be a factor.

Jeff Wysaski of Pleated-Jeans comes to the startling realisation that he’s pretty much just a cat as evidenced by his need to hide when people come over, how adorable he looks in a bow-tie and then there was that time he peed on your sweater…

Although they have been around since the early 60’s, the demand for Monty Python material is as strong as ever. Their London comeback shows sold out within seconds and there are plans to take the shows on a worldwide tour due to the unprecedented demand for tickets. Eclectic Method has released “Monty Python,” a catchy remix of the British comedian’s best TV and film moments to celebrate their re-emergence.

A good mash-up is a thing of beauty and this video/music one from Robin Skouteris is outstanding. “The Ultimate Mash-up of 2013” features most of the usual suspects but it’s no less spectacular for that.

This fantastic little animation tells the story of André Cassagnes, the inventor of the infuriating but amazing Etch-a-Sketch. Beautiful, and the creator, Christoph Niemann, must have practiced for at least 25 years to even draw that toaster never mind everything else.

CP Gray created a video that will give you an actual, real life headache. Or so he claims. Based around the nocebo effect, it actually works. *Shakes fist at Gray*.

ZeFrank is back and he brings us tales of the armadillo, otherwise known as the turtle-rabbit or possum-on-the-half-shell. Pretty NSFW.