Fullscreen, a big-time YouTube network, has a couple of bits of news today.  First, they announced the hiring of one of our pals, Brendan Gahan, whom we spoke with while he was at Mekanism, as the new VP of Brand Stategy.  Also, they announced that one of their content creators, Devin Super Tramp, whose videos have appeared many times on this site, recently hit a million subscribers and would be producing a new extreme sports and epic stunt series with the network.  Some great things seem to be in store for Fullscreen, so let’s take a look.

Fullscreen Hires Brendan Gahan

Gahan was with Mekanism when our founder Mark Robertson interviewed him last year:

Gahan really understands what makes successful videos, so this hire is a good one for Fullscreen.  He’ll be in charge of YouTube programming strategy, channel management, and video optimization for brands Fullscreen currently works for, which include the likes of NBC, McDonald’s, and FOX Broadcasting.

During his time at Mekanism, Gahan was named one of the “30 Under 30 Bright Minds in Marketing.”  He’s consulted with the likes of Tim Ferriss, Chase Jarvis and Philip DeFranco, and was one of the minds behind the marketing for the viral video, “Ape with an AK-47.”

We wish Gahan good luck in his new place of work.  We’re sure he’ll take Fullscreen to new heights.

Devin Super Tramp Hits A Million Subscribers: Announces New Extreme Sports/Epic Stunts Series

Devin Super Tramp, aka Devin Graham, makes some of the best stunt videos on YouTube.  Regularly hitting into the millions of views per upload, Graham’s channel hit a million subscribers recently after less than 2 years on the site.

He does stuff like this, with beautiful, gliding camerawork that really draws you in:

Almost like it was planned that way, the million subscriber mark coincides with an announcement that Graham and Fullscreen will be producing a new series of extreme sports and epic stunts.  And if it has any of the Super Tramp style in it, and we know it will, this should be “must-watch” type of stuff coming soon.

Congrats to Gahan, Graham, and Fullscreen for all the cool news!