We’ve seen some big moves with multi-channel networks in the past year or so, becoming producers of their own programming and becoming more like mini-studios.  Today, Fullscreen announced the completion of Series A funding with The Chernin Group, Comcast Ventures, and WPP, which among other things will help them to launch original shows in the future.  Currently, Fullscreen has partnerships with Devin Super Tramp (an epic stunts and extreme sports series coming soon) and Ryan Seacrest Productions to create programming for YouTube and elsewhere.

Fullscreen: Multi-Channel Network Looks to Future with Original Content

We’re seeing original programming initiatives coming from these types of networks because owning creative properties can lead to a lot more monetization opportunities.  It’s what Netflix is doing with their original content.  Depending on others to provide content can be a headache at times, so why not fund your own if you’re in the position to do it?

Fullscreen got into this position by quickly becoming the number one independent network on the web, where they’ve been since last December.  They’re #2 overall behind VEVO.  They have YouTube stars Lindsey Stirling and Devin Super Tramp on their roster.  Overall, they have over 10,000 channels and 2.5 billion views, and have become a very profitable company.  Hence, attractive to investors, including Comcast, which owns NBCUniversal.  Fullscreen helped launch and manage NBCUniversal’s YouTube channels, so Comcast Ventures had an informed opinion of Fullscreen before all of this started.