Fullscreen creators will be getting a nice surprise when they log in to their dashboard today.  Fullscreen is updating to the new Fullscreen Creator Platform, which means creators will now have access to better analytics more clearly explaining how their videos are monetized, apps that help them launch videos under the most optimal circumstances, how your earnings are split across channels and videos, and a better private messaging system between creators.

Fullscreen’s Creator Platform: What’s In Store


So, basically it’s this:

  • Fullscreen Apps: The SEO Tracker App allows you to look at how your videos rank in search using certain keywords, the Trends App tells you the best time of day to launch your video, or how long it should be.
  • Stats & Analytics: This tells you your demographics, your views, your engagement, etc. across YouTube and outside of YouTube.
  • Earnings: Tells you what kind of money you’ve earned across your channel and videos.
  • Community: An updated forum, with speedier private messaging service.

In addition, Fullscreen is launching a Creator Platform mobile app for iOS and one coming soon for Android.

With this, Fullscreen becomes one of the most, if not the most, open multi-channel networks with their creators, with full disclosure on earnings and tools that help optimize content.  For more about it, click here.