Cat Food manufacturer Friskies are hosting their second annual award for best cat video so get that DSLR out and point it towards your little bundle of feline joy for the next few days and see if you can create a winning entry. Friskies want “to celebrate the pop culture phenomenon of cat videos and the cats who inspire them” and obviously so do many others, given the 1,400 entries they received last year. The five winners of The Friskies will bag an all expenses covered trip to New York City as well as $5000. I bring you this story pun free which took a lot of self restraint I can tell you.

There are four different categories for this year’s awards, namely:

1. Cat Comedy: capture a cat (or multiple cats) in a humorous situation (should be easy, cats are funny all the time, no?)

2. Rescue Cat: capture a cat (or multiple cats) adopted from a rescue group or shelter enjoying their new life

3. Catventure: capture a cat (or multiple cats) on an indoor adventure

4. Pursuit of Food/Treat: capture a cat (or multiple cats) pursuing or engaging with their cat food/treat.

Here’s the official launch video and you can see the first entries in the online gallery:

Last years winner, about blind kitten Oskar, has attracted over 4,730,000 million views for his owner and 473,500 views on the Friskies’ YouTube channel. Oskar now has his own Facebook page with 116K subscribers plus a range of merchandise that includes those essentials, bow ties and scarves for CATS.

Entry videos shouldn’t be longer than 2 minutes and the usual copyright issues apply. Entries must be from US residents only (boo!!!!) and the official rules can be found here. You have until July 15th to capture your kittycat on film and enter the competition.

Good luck to all entrants. They will have to get up pretty early to beat this one though, which, I’m sure we can all agree is the best cat video of all time ever:

Photo Credit: Me, that’s one of my cats.