Everyone has seen it. You upload some great clip of one of your favorite TV shows and within minutes, there is a copyright notice on it. Eventually it turns into a take down and all the work you put into creating your video masterpiece has been lost. Well, that probably is not going to happen if FremantleMedia owns the rights to the show in question.

Unlike many content owners, FremantleMedia sees the bigger picture and the overall value of user-created video clips on YouTube. So instead of dropping take down orders like beads at Mardi Gras, they have gone a different route, using all the clips to make more money. It is a very logical to me. Why spend all this time trying to pull down millions of clips on your content when you can use them all to expand your empire and increase your ad revenue?

FremantleMedia already runs over 140 YouTube Channels and generates over 550 million views per month so they clearly have a viable and expansive YouTube strategy with their major shows like American Idol, The X Factor (Yes, they own both), America’s Got Talent, Baywatch, and The Price is Right.

The key comes in the fact that FremantleMedia is owned by RTL Group. That company also owns the majority of BroadbandTV, a YouTube MCN, who also has a YouTube user-generated content tracking service.

Clearly, that media conglomerate has wholeheartedly embraced YouTube and its users. And why not? If 50% of all FreeMantleMedia-owned clips on YouTube are user generated that means big ad money for them without having to lift a finger, aside from approving the content. That sounds like a win on multiple fronts. They did not have to pay someone to edit and upload the clip, they can include the clips in their advertising revenue streams and they connect with their fans in a way that a copyright take down notice does not. They show the fans that they are valued, their input is valued and that they appreciate their fanaticism. That is something that every content owner should strive to do because it makes for a stronger fan base.