This week on the Reel Web, we cover 10+ minutes worth of online video news and trends from the past week including, a new program for YouTube partners that aims to provide free promotion, Google+YouTube integration, research on the power of video for link-building, Xbox, and more…

Free Promotion Program for YouTube Partners

Clearly everyone wants more views for their YouTube videos and what would be better than getting valuable user-initiated views, for free?  YouTube is now promoting certain videos from partner channels across their Adsense Display Network.  YouTube has automatically opted in all partners to benefit from the views and promotion that this new program provides.

Vloggers in Demand: The Next Vlogger Program

YouTube is also pushing for something called a Vloggers ;-)  – through their “Next Vlogger program“! The requirements are that you must be a partner and have either a minimum of 5,000 subscribers or 1 million video views.  If you dont qualify, you can still submit your video playlists to the YouTube Slam program and try to get some more exposure that way.

Reel YouTube and Google+ Integration?  GooTube+?

Last Friday, a message that popped up on YouTube that notified users that Google Plus and YouTube were going to be more tightly integrated on 3/30.  We haven’t seen the integration this message is referring to. Have you?

Online Video Works: For Sales, for Link-Building, Etc..

We also talk about how to use online video in your marketing initiatives and the effect is has on link-building, sales, conversions, and gaining clients.

Wrapping up our discussion is some thoughts on how Xbox is used more for online entertainment than it is playing video games now.


Will the Partner Promotion Program ultimate be beneficial?

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This week on the Reel Web we look at a lot of different things including how YouTube is giving a lot of free promotion now to some of its partner channels. Also Google + is integrating even more tightly with YouTube, supposedly, and we also look at how XBox Live is changing the way some of us consume our online video content and what that means for us. So that’s all coming up and more this week on Reel Web.

Hey guys, my name is Tim Schmoyer and welcome to another week of the Reel Web where very week we just cover some online video news for you guys from the week before. And this past week there was a lot of news actually unlike the week before where it was kind of slow.

This week, I don’t know if we’re going to fit all this in to like a normal episode so I’m going to go through a lot of it pretty quickly. Links to all the stuff are going to be below this video on YouTube or at so if you want any more information about any of the stuff we’re going to talk about, that’s all down there. Definitely go check it out.

Let’s start with some of the things YouTube is doing for its partner channels. Most of us are probably already familiar with Google’s AdWord service which spans tons and tons of websites. Almost I think like they said 92% of the internet is covered by their AdWords campaigns where people can auction and display ads for their website services on other people’s websites.

Well now that’s going to open to video, which already has in the past but now partner channels are going to be selected. Individual videos from their channels are going to be selected to be displayed on these AdSense websites that are everywhere on the internet.

We’re launching a new offsite promotional feature that will transform the videos into ad units and place them on the Google Display Network, a huge group of websites and other products such as email products and blogs. When someone clicks on an ad featuring one of your videos, it will take them directly to your channel or watch page. This means we’re extending your channel beyond YouTube to a network that covers 92% of internet users.

This could be really, really awesome or it could be a major fail. It could be awesome cause a lot of partners will be getting a lot more promotion for free across thousands and millions of websites, thousands of potential new visitors and subscribers. The downside could be is I wonder if YouTube is doing this because they have a lot of unused video inventory and it’s just not working for them so they’re going to try to fill it in with filler content. I don’t really know which one it is.

How will YouTube be selecting which videos are going to be pushed onto other websites like that? Well they say it’s going to be based on level of engagement. So they’re going to be picking videos from partner channels who are having really high retention, engagement scores that are getting lots of comments, lot of interaction, people are watching all the way through the video. Those are the videos that are going to be picked to be displayed on these websites.

So in case you need more incentives, make your videos as engaging as possible and really focus on doing that and interacting with your audience. If you need more reason, well, I don’t know what else.

Another thing YouTube is doing to give us partner channels a lot of promotion is they are now doing another “Next Up” contest. This time it’s for vloggers only which I was so excited about when I first say it because on my personal channel, actually what I’ve been doing on YouTube since like 2006 is just personal vlogging, me and now that I’m married and have kids and stuff, that channel I did actually enter into the original YouTube “Next Up” contest. Did not win unfortunately. So I saw this and got really, really excited cause I’m like here’s an opportunity for me to submit my vlog channel, my personal vlog channel into a “Next Up” contest because it is partnered and you know a lot of you guys who are watching these are also vlog channels as well, cause I’ve looked at a lot of – you know I went through our subscriber list. I saw a lot of you guys were vlogging also, so this will be of interest to a lot of us. But then I was reading the fine print and unfortunately this “Next Up” contest is limited only to those of us with 5000 subscribers – a minimum of 5000 subscribers or 1 million video views. And because I haven’t really been promoted or plugged my vlog channel really at all, like I have some of these other channels, it does not have 5000 subscribers. So I will not be entering unfortunately. I really should probably do more promotion for my vlog channel.

I know some of you guys do have way more than 5000 subscribers for your vlog so you probably want to check that out. You’re going to get $5,000 worth of free equipment. Also $10,000 of free promotion on YouTube and lots of other stuff, plus some one on one mentoring by iJustine and some other vloggers so you’re definitely going to want to check that out. Link’s below if you are a vlogger.

Do you guys remember a while back when YouTube said hey let’s make this thing called YouTube Slam where essentially they put two videos up side by side or whatever the category might be. And the idea behind that was for YouTube to start giving some better discovery options and putting those discovery options into the hands of the actual viewers. I don’t know how well it’s actually working personally, but they’re trying to take it a step higher now and saying not only do people get to vote, but they actually get to submit their videos to the YouTube Slam for others to rate up and down.

The way it works is you just go to your channel, you create a play list, and then you go to YouTube Slam, submit that playlist and you can give it some voting up and down for which videos on your playlist you think are the best and other people can vote on them as well. So if you’re looking to get a little extra promotion you can try it out and let me know how it works for you. I’m a bit skeptical but you know, maybe it will work, let me know.

If you’re a YouTuber you’re probably already on Google + and while Plus has a lot of benefits and a lot of cool stuff that I personally like, it doesn’t integrate with YouTube very well. And I have no idea why that is right now but YouTube is definitely working on that, so is Google + and last week we here at Reel SEO saw this little thing pop up above our little channel here at that said, beginning on March 30, 2012, showing your Google + profile on your channel will also cause your channel to appear on the Google+ Profile. And we thought awesome! Finally there is going to be some better integration. And what we thought that meant was the videos you upload to YouTube will now also show in the video uploads on your Google+ profile and they’d kind of be synchronized in both places.

Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case. We’re looking and we can’t find it and actually to be honest, I don’t even know what that message means because I haven’t been able to figure out how my YouTube Channel is showing up on my Google + profile at all. Either here on ReelSEO or my personal vlog channel or anywhere else, so if any of you know what this means, please comment below and let us know cause either it was a blooper and that message wasn’t supposed to go up yet or we are totally missing something here at Reel SEO.

For those of you guys who are online marketers, and even though of you who are bloggers and you’re kind of looking for ways to integrate video with your blog posts or your marketing stuff, there’s been some recent research done that has confirmed for us – which we’ve kind of already suspected – that adding video to your posts and to your pages actually leads to much higher sales conversions and engagement in your content. And in fact, if you have a blog post for example and you have a list in it and you have an image and you have a video in it, it is three times more likely to earn incoming links from other websites then a post that has just an image, just a list or just a video or just two of those combined. If it has all three of those that is the best possible scenario to earn incoming links which is great for SEO stuff as most of us know.

So the link to that article is below. You’re going to want to check out more about that if that is something that is important to you. I found it fascinating. But what fascinated me even more was on a different post I saw from this past week, if you have not only professional video content from your brand or your company about your product or service on your product or service website, if you include user generated content from other clients or other people who are just testing out your stuff and talking about it, if you include that video content on the page as well, it’s just like a slam dunk for converting those visitors into sales and converting them into customers and into clients. That is by sure the best way to do it. They give a lot of the statistics, a lot of the research is in the post link below. So go check it out if that’s something you’re interested in.

I’m a big fan of XBox Live. I love playing my XBox for gaming and also for consuming video content and other things and apparently I’m not alone cause this week XBox just went over the tipping point of more people using the XBox console for media content then they are for gaming now. Which really I think was XBox plan from the very, very beginning is like, hey let’s get into people’s living rooms, let’s attach this, get people to attach this to their TV for gaming content, but in the future we want this to be the hub of media consumption and that’s really where the money is going to come from and I think that they made a really good choice with that. It was a gamble. I think it’s paying off for them because more of us will start playing a game on XBox but then we’ll switch and after we’re done gaming we’ll watch some YouTube or videos or especially now that HBO Go is available on XBox Live and Comcast App and more and more video content is coming to XBox.

I hope some of this was helpful for you guys. Please again, comment below and let me know what you think about YouTube’s whole promotion thing through AdWords on different websites. If you think that will be good for us as partners or not. Like I said, I’m not really sure. So I’d love to hear from you guys what you guys think. Also on Thursday we’ll have another Creators Tip video with Kevin Nalti and he’s going to talk with us a little bit about how we can know who our actual audience is here on YouTube. How can we know who they are so we can make video content that engages with them the best. That’s coming up on Thursday, so if you’ve not already subscribed and you want to see that video and all the other videos we’re doing for you guys here throughout the week, click on the subscribe button above this video here on YouTube or over there will work as well and we’d love to have you join us and guys hey, I think I will see you guys again on Thursday for that video and then again next week for another look at the ReelWeb. Bye.