July has been a treasure trove of brands using video in great ways to promote their business.  Just yesterday, we were talking about Taco Bell and DC Shoes and their excellent use of video promoting content over traditional advertising.  Fantastic Delites, made by Fantastic Snacks, are “crinkle-cut rice snacks” with different flavors, resembling potato chips.  They set up a machine called the “Delite-O-Matic” in the middle of a mall and set up a social experiment.  How willing are people to do mundane, or goofy things, just to get a free pack of Fantastic Delites?

How Far Will You Go For Fantastic Delites?

Set up very similar to one of the year’s biggest video hits, TNT’s “A Dramatic Surprise,” it’s plays on people’s curiosity over pushing a button.  Except this time, a person has to push the button 100 times to get something free.  And every time someone completes the task, the necessary button presses increase:

I love the guy in the wheelchair at the beginning, circling around the machine, sizing it up, trying to decide if this is for real or not, like he’s challenging the machine to a duel of wits or something.

Once again, we see people going to great lengths to get something free and perhaps, sate their curiosity.  Social experiments of this nature are always fun to watch, and it creates a debate within yourself as to whether you would do the same.  Clearly, there are many who would rather just watch other people go to these great lengths, witnessing the number of onlookers who decide to stop what they’re doing just to see something silly.  And with a 100k view count so far, it looks like the experiment is working.  You can, of course, win prizes on your own by going to the website and trying out the Delite-O-Matic for yourself.

This video is fun, creates buzz, and promotes the product.  You can’t ask for anything more from any kind of ad.

And suddenly, I have the urge to try them out as well…black magic!