With the popularity of short-form video platforms like Instagram and Vine increasing exponentially, video marketers need to promote original, exciting, and engaging content in order to stay relevant to their target markets. Brands using Instagram video for their advertising, marketing, and social campaigns are seeing more engagement than ever, but which ones are truly connecting with their followers?. We take a look at the food and drink verticals on the site to confirm which companies are succeeding in terms of likes and comments – the main metrics for engagement. With data provided by analytics platform Shareablee, we can see which brands are dominating Instagram video right now. The stats are taken from the 1st March to 30th May 2014 and are based on likes/engagement for the top 100 Instagram videos. We highlight Starbucks, Red Bull, Coca Cola, Oreo, Monster Energy, and Taco Bell, brands we think are using Instagram in a creative, and effective way.

#1 Starbucks

Out of the 100 results returned for the most liked and commented on Instavids, Starbucks took 4 of those places, with 265,725 likes and comments in the last 60 days. With an impressive 2,530,832 followers on the platform, the company posts video content around once a month, but could ramp that up and increase cross-promotion with its other social networks.

#2 Red Bull

Red Bull is the undisputed king of Instagram video, taking 45 of the 100 top places for the past 60 days. In the last 2 months, those 45 videos have generated 1,433,908 likes, and 23,880 comments! With a very decent image to video ratio, the most impressive aspect of Red Bull’s Instagram video strategy is that a generous amount of it is based on user-generated, or collaborative content. The account is fast-based, and high-octane, just like the brand itself.

#3 Monster Energy

Red Bull energy drink rival, Monster Energy, grabbed 6 places in the top 100 chart, with a combined total of 157,269 likes and comments for those 6 Instavids. The brand is sparing with its video content, but the clips they do upload fit well among the static images. Although much of its content is linked to sponsorship appearances, Monster do well to link out to other accounts and build engagement that way.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell took to social media with a vengeance this spring for the promotion of its new breakfast menu. Not only did it take the traditional route in marketing the new fare, it also went all out (albeit in a friendly way) to bate rival MacDonald’s in the battle of the budget breakfasts. 4 of Taco Bell’s Instavids made the top 100, with a total of 53,798 likes, and comments.

Taco Bell’s most popular swipe at MacDonalds.


Transnational, multi-global mega-brand Coca-Cola don’t have as many followers on Instagram as you’d think (just 160,908 for its main account), but those followers pushed 7 of their short-form onto the most engaged list, with a total of 48,121 comments and likes. The company are big on user-generated contributions, and collaborations with Instagram creators. Oh, and anything featuring Boo the Dog is always a winner:


Oreo has been nailing social media since back in the day, and its marketing and creative departments have a lot of fun with Instagram video. Endlessly inventive, these clips are just made for sharing.