Can a pocket digital camcorder produce “business-quality” online video? In other words, be what I call, a “bizsumer” camcorder? ” The following video is a little test I did using the new Flip Ultra HD camcorder, where I provide some tips on how to get the best image quality out of it, and make up for its poor audio controls.

You’ve heard of a consumer camcorder, meant for the general population and for consumer use only. You’ve also heard of a prosumer camcorder, used for a range of professional needs and by professionals and amateurs, but on a modest budget (typically in between the $800 – $2,000 range.) But how about something in between, for those who have a smaller budget and/or need quick video on the spot, and have some kind of business objective with their shoot? This is what I call a ” bizsumer” camcorder. Another term could be a calling this a”mini-biz” camcorder – used for a minimum of business purposes or scenarios. That might be the most flattering possibility of how I can describe the potential of the Flip Ultra HD camcorder, released in April for a retail price of just $200, and meant for “the rest of them.” (“Them,” being the vast, vast majority of people who want to think they can make high-definition video, without the experience or skills of a professional videographer.)

Now granted, I don’t think that most consumers will believe that this device is a substitute for a professional camcorder or a videographer, but its fair to consider, can the Flip be suitable for some business purposes? In my video review, I share some common scenarios of how the camcorder might be used for business purposes, and possible “good” scenarios for how to get the best business-like quality of footage. Mind you, I’m not talking “professional” quality, which implies proper training, skill and multiple client experiences. I mean what will at least adequately suit the needs of a business that has to work with a device like this, because we know it’s going to be commonly used by enough business people because of its price and ease-of-use.

Just keep in mind, fellow pros (and online marketers) – there is no ONE standard for what is “business-quality” online video – it really depends on your business objective, and the needs and preferences of your target audience.