Gizmodo is showing some of the first Google Glass videos being put out there.  Of course, these are not the best of the best that we will likely see over the course of the year, but it’s interesting to see how a new toy is being played with in its early stages.  While Glass isn’t all about video (it’s also going to be a constant connection to the internet and all things Google), it looks like it’s going to try to be sort of a competitor to GoPro and all the POV-type of videos we see out there.  Not that I think it’s a viable one for professionals, but that’s the type of video we’ll be seeing when these things become more prolific.

A Few Google Glass Videos

Or maybe it’s this one, where we see a viola being played from multiple perspectives and edited together all awesome-like:

And then there’s stuff that’s a little more mundane, like a guy solving a unique toy puzzle:

And then, something that is very popular on YouTube: gameplay walkthroughs (this is just a hint of one):

Anyway, these are a few of the first ones floating around right now.  Pretty cool.  We’ll likely see some really awesome uses of it over the course of the year.