Many times when we think of how we can make a video successful, we forget that many times, it’s a happy accident.  It’s just the fact that a camera was there, ready to capture something beautiful in its own right, but maybe something goes wrong.  Maybe it’s embarrassing, or something absolutely unexpected occurs, or it’s a colossal failure, or maybe…it’s all of those things.  One such thing occurred last week at San Diego’s Big Bay Boom July 4 celebration when, instead of a 20-minute fireworks display, onlookers were treated to the condensed version: all the fireworks at once, in less than a minute.

San Diego’s Big Bay Boom Fireworks Failure: Gloriously Uploaded to YouTube

Here’s one of the videos taken of the fireworks display, which has over 2 million views:

I think what’s funny about this video is that clearly, something not quite right has happened, but clearly, there are people who think this is awesome, judging by the cheers.  Some people are confused, obviously, it’s kind of like when an actual crime takes place while actors perform a murder mystery play. Was that how they wanted it to go down?

I must say, also, that Queen’s “We Will Rock You” makes a superb soundtrack to this kind of epic failure.

But you know what?  This isn’t exactly failure to some…take a look at one of the top comments:

WIN!!!!!!!!! (not fail)

It settles that question you asked your parents when you went to your first fireworks show.  What if they blew up ALL the fireworks at the same time?  The answer is…somewhat controlled rage.

Here’s another one with over 2 million views:

This one is like seeing oil derricks on fire.  I really like the composition of this video here, orange sky, dark water, three beacons of man’s inability to conquer low-grade explosives tying it up in the middle.

Over at YouTube Trends, they noticed a record spike for “fireworks” searches, because they keep track of everything there.  They see usual spikes around July 4, but this one broke the board:

It’s a testament to the kind of content people are looking for.  Fireworks on Independence Day are a natural “tent-pole” event, and this one happened to combine that already well-searched topic with something embarrassing and amazing all at once.  Hence, huge hit on YouTube.