The Fine Bros. great “React” series is perfect YouTube fodder: it leverages something controversial or popular or weird and puts it in front of an audience that isn’t the typical target demo.  Like, for instance, they got “Elders React to Dubstep,” and there was a great mixture of typical and surprising comments.  Recently, a Cheerios ad showing a mixed-race couple stirred controversy basically because of the YouTube comments.  When the Fine Bros. ask kids to react to it with no context, the controversy becomes quite hilarious.

Fine Bros.’ ‘Kids React to Controversial Cheerios Commercial’

First, if you haven’t seen the ad in question, called “Just Checking:”

And now, Kids React:

You’ve got to love the non-reaction at first.  They’re all like, “It’s a Cheerios ad.  It’s pretty funny.” (Shrug).  Then when told why it’s controversial, you get a whole bunch of “I didn’t think that type of thing happened anymore in this country.”

I’d be interested to know if there were any kids who were cut from the production, or if there was a chance that a kid might say something completely inappropriate, because we do know, unfortunately, that there are probably some kids out there, taught from birth, that people of other races aren’t as good as them.  But maybe it’s a message of hope that they have a diverse group of kids here and all of them seem to believe that “everyone should be treated equally.”  It’s not even a question in their minds, really, they just already assume that and think everyone else should, too.

Anyway, this is a highly entertaining and enlightening video from the Fine Bros. here and it’s well worth the watch.