So you might be sitting at home just twiddling your thumbs, itching to get on a Google Hangout of some sort.  But where do you start?  What magic words will allow you to find a Hangout that is going on right now, right this second?  On your Google+ page, you’ll see any hangouts you’ve been invited to (and who wants to go to those…bah!) and there are a few suggested ones at the bottom of the page, but maybe you’re more adventurous.  Maybe you want to be able to select from a whole bunch.  There’s a way.  You can make it happen.

One Simple Bookmark for All the Google Hangouts in the World

Hat tip, G+GoToGal.  You don’t have that name for nothing, do you?

Bookmark this link.

You are then transported to a world of Hangouts, Google style.  Maybe like this one that happened recently with Conan O’Brien, Owen Wilson, and Vince Vaughn when they were debuting a trailer for The Internship:

Boom!  Now your life is complete!