This is amazing. Within days of the release of Apple’s new video editing software, Izzy from IzzyVideo has already created and launched a detailed, full-scale Final Cut Pro X video tutorial series. The series is 2 hours, 39 minutes long, and is broken up into 26 different chapters like Overview of the Interface, The Precision Editor, and Managing Your Media Projects. Oh, and best of all… it’s completely free.

If you’re not familiar with Izzy, you should know off the bat that his videos are excellent. His voice is clear and he has a great knowledgeable presence, and he’s very good about doling out his advice in a logical and natural way. It’s not surprising, really… IzzyVideo is a video tutorial website. There are over 150 video tutorials on his site, on topics ranging from lighting techniques to video editing. It’s what he does best.

This is a pretty great resource, just because there are more users venturing into video editing every day. It’s even more valuable because of how different Final Cut Pro X is from previous versions–it’s gotten mixed marks in early reviews. So Izzy, who is actually pretty high on the new version of Final Cut Pro, has created this series to help guide frustrated users through the various changes in the software.

Here’s a sample of one of the videos (this is the Overview of the Interface chapter):

He’s even bundled all the video he uses in the tutorials as a downloadable add-on, so the viewer can follow along and edit the same exact clips they see in his videos.

I highly recommend you check out the whole thing if you’re interested in learning how to use Final Cut Pro X to its full potential. The price tag ($0) makes it pretty hard to resist.