The Tribeca Film Festival is getting in on the online video act and will be offering a small slate of films online this year.  Earlier this year, we saw the Sundance Film Festival begin a program where any movie that had ever been accepted to Sundance and didn’t get a distribution deal could be shown online via a number of carriers including YouTube, Hulu, Amazon, etc., so the major film festivals are getting into online video in a big way.

As we mentioned last week, The Tribeca Film Festival will be using Brightcove to power the online viewing experience but we now have more details on what this experience will be.  Tribeca will only be showing a select group of films for a limited amount of viewers, but you have to think this is going to be a bigger deal in the future.  

The Tribeca Film Festival Online Film Slate

Mostly, the offerings will be documentaries, but there is one narrative film.  Here’s the list:

  • Babygirl, written and directed by Macdara Vallely.  It’s about a Bronx girl who wants to save her mom from yet another horrible boyfriend, so she tries to trap the man into doing something scummy and exposing his awfulness, only to get caught up in a love triangle involving her, the man, and her mom.
  • On the Mat, a documentary about high school wrestling from director Fredric Golding.
  • The Russian Winter, a documentary about former Fugees rapper John Forté’s concert tour in Russia from director Petter Ringborn.
  • Town of Runners, a documentary about Ethiopian teens trying to become the next big long-distance running stars from their hometown courtesy of director Jerry Rothwell.

Many of these films will be available shortly after their premiere at the festival.

There are also several short features that will make the online cut, including a couple from people you may have heard of before: Neil LaBute’s short film BFF will be available as well as Edward Burns’ Doggy Bags.  Also, the Festival is recording all the events surrounding the films and will post those online, allowing deeply committed cinephiles who can’t make the trip up to New York at least a glimpse of the activities out there.

It appears that in order to watch and vote on the videos, you’ll need to create an account at Tribeca Online Film Festival.  You’ll also notice a cool “video” page UI feature. American Express is a sponsor and so where it prompts you to login (inside the area that would be for the video player), they have their logo along with a mention that if you’re comfortable providing your AMEX card number, you can unlock bonus films and reserve viewings of all limited online screenings.

The Festival runs from April 18-29.  You can go to their official website here.

Who’s next?  Cannes, Toronto, Venice, London, etc…?