For the longest time, Blendtec has been my favorite among the many ways popular tech gadgets can be destroyed.  At the beginning of their videos, there is a shiny new beloved piece of electronics, such as an iSomething or a Droid Something.  But then, 60 seconds later as the video comes to a close, that gadget is typically a dull gray dust.  

Destruction is just awesome, and viral video fans eat it up–there are hundreds of iPad-destruction videos on YouTube.

And now there may finally be an even cooler way than “industrial blender” to obliterate gadgets:  industrial water drills.

What?!  You didn’t even know that industrial water drills existed?  Me neither.  But now you can see one destroy an iPad in a pretty cool way.  Check it out:

Now, this video is clearly designed to tease some new product or service–technically it’s teasing a website,  Of course, the website itself is a very vague tease, not really revealing anything about the company or product.  There’s only a neat space scene and a large countdown clock.

And while it’s tempting to call this video a failure, since there’s no real retention on the part of the viewer–we’d have to be pretty darn impressed with the water drill trick to bookmark a site that is offering no detail whatsoever.

But what if they don’t care?  See, the reason you still see “teaser” videos like this–guerrilla marketing videos that aim to grip a viewer and then so enthrall them that they continue checking back for more information–is because they work even when they fail… at least to one important degree:  SEO.

A brief search reveals this video is getting coverage everywhere from Gizmodo to Techcrunch.  And if you practice SEO on any level, you’re hopefully aware of how powerful links from such domains would be.  So powerful that the company ought to be ranking pretty darn well by the time they do actually announce their product or service details.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it’s an iPad being destroyed, as the tablet computer is still one of the hottest and most-talked-about gadgets on the market.  Toss in the creator’s little jab at the iPad’s lack of a camera and its inability to serve Flash-based video–by way of direct call out of Steve Jobs–and you have the makings of a viral sensation.  Though it only has about 50,000 views right now, I’ll be very surprised if this video isn’t rocketing toward a million views pretty soon.