Oh ho hoo! Comic book guy from the Simpsons would be so proud of that statement.  He would most likely smirk and say Fastest. Media. Ever. (Maybe I need a rant warning here)

Well apparently Trendstream has taken a page from his comic book collection and done the same thing in a recent report stating that online video is the fastest-growing media platform in the history of media. It’s even moving so fast that it’s beat out papyrus and the printing press I guess.

trendstream logoNow they say that online video has only been around for three years (or maybe Mediapost said that) but I beg to differ. Online video was pioneered by the pornography industry way before YouTube showed up (which was 2005). Sure, many might not want to admit it but honestly, porn drove internet technology innovation for a long time. So that means the numbers seem to be slightly skewed. I know this because I used to work for a webhost and we were at the cutting edge of video online for a particular subset of our clients. They even had real-time video streaming some 8 years ago, sure it was not nearly the same quality as we have today, but it was there and being done.

Anyway, where was I? Oh right, Trendstream. In other astounding statements that are in my opinion, questionable, Tom Smith, managing director of Trendstream said “broadcast mode is dead.” Well someone had better tell Hulu to cash in their chips and call it a wash I guess. No need to make those shows for TV anymore, just drop those 97 million people and only go online.

It was said that in one week 97 million Americans viewed video online which is comparable to the number of broadcast TV viewers.  They also stated that 39% of viewers shared a clip and around 32% uploaded one themselves. I wonder if they did this poll with YouTube users only.

Chris, don’t be so negative. Things are looking up.

I’m not really being negative. I’m just careful to point out things that might otherwise have been overlooked. Often in science, where I worked for some time, you bend the results statements so that they suit your needs. The same is done in reporting of research. Whether it’s to drive people to a site, make them purchase something or simply to get your name out, sensationalism seems the way to go (example – FOX News).

But I am not here to sell a product or slyly drive traffic somewhere. I’m overt in my traffic driving ways, I want you to read ReelSEO. There, I said it. However, I don’t want you to read ReelSEO because I said so. I want there to be real, useful information on the site and so I often lambast without prejudice. It’s not to be sensationalist, it’s to get to the heart of the matter.

The Heart of the Matter

Does this recent research from Trendstream really shed light on the online video industry? Well honestly, I don’t know as I am not paying for a subscription to their data, see I told you they wanted to sell something. From what I read over at Mediapost it seems to me like more of the same that we’ve been getting from various sources. Now I’m not knocking Mr. Smith and his Trendstream venture, I’m just trying to get to the heart of the matter.

The heart of the matter is this – online video is rapidly expanding. Since its initial inception maybe a decade or more ago it has obviously become the media du jour online. No surprise really because as Grant said video is millions of words (I just love referencing that really bad picture of him) but you just don’t have to write them. So is video the wave of the future for online entertainment? Well, isn’t it the current wave we’re all riding already? Will that stop? No, probably not. Will it grow? Yes, without a doubt. Will more people upload, watch, share, create, comment on, Twitter, or otherwise talk about online video?


In closing I leave you with this paragraph from Mediapost’s article:

broadcasters… need to develop highly compelling, multi-platform content that can be accessed through multiple gateways including email, music sites, news sites, film sites, blogs and social networks.

As Comic Book Guy might say:  Most. Obvious. Statement. Ever.