Part 3 of the panel entitled, “Reel Case Studies – The Anatomy of Successful Video Marketing” concluded the session with Chris Vasquez of Poptent, who gave us the case study of Famous Footwear (Part 1, Part 2).  Famous Footwear had a great tagline, “Victory Is Yours,” and several good TV spots, and they were looking for additional content.  Their ads focused on the shoe brand but didn’t really tell their story.  They were looking for content that had an authentic emotional connection with their consumers.  The initial release and promotion for this new content would be coordinated with Mother’s Day.

Video Marketing Case Study: Famous Footwear by Poptent

Vasquez started off his talk with an interactive exercise, where people texted to a number onscreen a “YES” or “NO” to the question, “Did you do something nice for your mother on Mother’s Day?” So it was a live, interactive thing Chris was giving us right off the bat.

Famous Footwear used Poptent, crowdsourcing filmmakers from across the country, 18 submissions in all.  They were asked to draw on their diverse backgrounds and social networks to tell stories from their lives.  Now, only one of those ads got picked, obviously, but the 17 other submissions gave Famous Footwear some tremendous insight.  They got some surprising reflections of their brand that they hadn’t considered.

Case Study Results:

  • There was no negative sentiment leading up to Mother’s Day.
  • Mom-focused Pinterest board featuring quotes from the spot increased their followers by 2,100.
  • The spot has garnered 224k views since its release April 25, most in their history.
  • A “Nurture” e-mail was sent to the database, not expecting an increase in sales.  Ended up generating $20,000.

Poptent’s Video Marketing Insights:

  • Have a plan: Make sure you know what you want to accomplish with this video and what you plan to do with it after you upload it.  And have a strategy for creating it.
  • Offer something back to your audience: Give them a reason to share it.  Generating “social capital.”  Working with cultural touchstones; for instance, this video focused on Mother’s Day.  Also, offer emotional content that get people talking.  Trying to find a story that makes sense to people’s lives.

Beyond audience questions, that’s the end of this video.  We covered part 1 with Limelight and EyeMotion here.  And part 2 with uStudio and Tastemade’s Hilah Cooking is here.  If you want to see all the videos from the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit, you can click here.  Thanks to Video Aptitude for providing the videos.