Our own Mark Robertson, interviewed Mari Smith, a social media marketing thought leader and co-author of Facebook Marketing an Hour a Day. Mari talks with Mark about why she considers Facebook crucial for business and why web video is an integral part of social media marketing. Mari also gives a few tips how best to use Facebook for social video marketing.


The above interview with Mari was conducted at the 2010 Blogworld and New Media Expo in Las Vegas, where Mari was doing a book signing for her new book at the Wiley publication booth.

As mentioned above, the book (cover image to the right) is titled “Facebook Marketing, An Hour A Day” and is part of the same series as Greg Jarboe’s book, “YouTube Marketing, An Hour A Day.”  I highly recommend reading both of these books.

The following is an edited transcript of our video interview with Mari. (You can watch our video and turn on closed captioning for the full, unedited transcript.)

Facebook Marketing – Why It’s Crucial For Business

ReelSEO: What’s the short answer for why businesses should be doing Facebook?

Mari: I’m very, very passionate about Facebook, on the whole. It’s so crucial for business. It’s a place to connect, to market, to absolutely get visibility.

ReelSEO: So why do a lot of people still not consider Facebook as a serious marketing option for business?

Mari: Facebook is renowned for being used for games. A lot of people perceive it as just being for kids, because there are a lot of games . It was initially started in a college; so, people have this notion that maybe it’s just for 20-somethings or teens.

ReelSEO: How do you make the business case for Facebook to the skeptics?

Mari: But in fact, with 500 million members and growing (more like closer to six hundred million); and half of those log on daily for an average session time of 55 minutes – that’s an enormous captive audience for businesses that can essentially get their brands, their visibility, their products and services in front of eyeballs; and interacting and engaging with them in this whole new world of inclusion and engagement and connection and community “tribes”; so that an individual, a consumer, can feel much more connected to a brand and have their needs met more and have more customer service.

Facebook must be part of an overarching social media marketing strategy. Or even just “marketing,” with social media as one of the components of your marketing; and Facebook is crucial, it’s like the #1; it has to be a part of your marketing.

Online Video + Social Media Marketing

ReelSEO: So, how does web video tie into Facebook and other social networks?

Mari: Video really ties into social media because with the prevalence of social media, we’ve really come to expect to be in relationships with people. We look and see avatars, and our DNA is programmed to recognize faces.

But, the thing is, no amount of (and I’ve said this for many years), no amount of sophisticated technology is going to ever take the place of real live person, when you can feel a person’s energy, where you can make real eye contact with them, you can shake their hand, you can read their body language.

But I’ll tell you what – the next closest thing, is video. Because with video, you can look in the camera, you can make contact with the person, you can really be intimate and feel much more connected.

The viewer can (and the person recording the video) – with the presence of webcams, and the prevalence of web chat apps… you have video chat like TinyChat.com, where you have, like, twelve simultaneous people chit-chatting, talking into their webcams, it’s massive!  That’s why I think video is an integral part of social media.

Facebook Video Marketing Tips

ReelSEO: What video marketing tips would you’d like to share with the ReelSEO audience?

Mari: I have an article on video (with a video – see bottom of post) at Social Media Examiner, called “How to Integrate Video Into your Social Media Marketing.”   I talk about how to really get started with video. I talk about how you can do interviews, whether they’re with just one person, or even capturing a screen with a bunch of people like you can do with Tinychat; and you can do all that with a simple software app.

I personally use Telestream’s Screenflow (for Macs). which I love. Or you can use Camtasia Studio by Techsmith (for both Windows and Macs). You’re video capturing the screen, and you can edit it to your heart’s content until you get it right. You can actually make video tutorials, where you seen your mouse moving around while you’re doing your video screen capture. When I do Facebook tutorials, my audience actually sees what I’m doing, and I like to zoom in on a part of my screen. That’s a neat element of online video.

Here’s another tip from that: Video doesn’t always have to be a person talking into the camera. You can even take some slides and narrate the slides, and you got yourself a video product.

About Mari Smith
Check out Mari Smith’s personal story and how she got into social media. You can also check out Mari Smith’s YouTube Channel, and watch the video mentioned above, below.