People often ask whether they should hire a professional to develop Facebook page applications for video. One might say that anybody can create a Fan Page, which is somewhat true. You even read in my last article how that could be accomplished, but it’s certainly not always easy for anyone. Learn why and how to hire a professional to customize your Facebook page with a video application is most always a good idea, and often the better choice.

Why Have a Professional Develop Your Facebook Video Page/App?

facebook video application and designBesides the obvious one – you don’t have to have knowledge of several programming languages (HTML, CSS, Javascript, and possibly FMBL) and do all the hand coding yourself. Embedding and managing videos can be tricky at times, and I’ve found from my own attempts that if you’re really looking for a customized design or app involving video, it’s best to opt for a trained professional.

What to Look for in a Facebook Video App Developer

Mohammad Saqib Imran, founder and Head of Technical of 1 Social Media Agency and himself a Facebook Fan Page/App Developer, recommends the following criteria if you are looking to hire a professional for your Facebook fan page or video-based application:

  1. The developer should be well versed with PHP scripting norms
  2. The developer must be up to date with the latest Facebook API (Graph API as of now). This helps in looking ahead for new changes that may effect your app,)
  3. The developer (or the development company) should the pros and cons of each video app as it relates to your business model and target market, and;
  4. It’s best to go with a developer who has actual client experience under his belt – “Embedding and managing videos can be tricky at times, so it is best to opt for trained person.” He Says.

And my own recommendation: Whatever custom design or application you’re getting for your Facebook Fan Page, find out 1) if it will be scalable, and 2) What can you self-customize, in-house. Before you build your app, you will want to know things like, how many videos can you feature? Can you switch out videos easily? Can the design be tweaked in anyway yourself? Do you need to know any programming language yourself to make those tweaks?

And Now, an Exclusive Facebook Offer for Our Readers (from our Information Resource)…

1 Social Media is having a Facebook Fan Page Special, where referrals get a $75 discount  off their $375 design package for a custom Facebook Fan Page (which includes a Video Gallery feature). If you’re looking to have a new Facebook Fan Page, or have your current one updated, feel free to check them out.

In my post next week, I’ll be covering the different types of Facebook Video Apps that are already available, and my interview with the Facebook Video App Developer, NorthSocial. Also I’ll highlight some great examples of custom Facebook pages with video!

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