By now, most of you have probably seen the “Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen” video.  The 8-minute video has collected 27 million views in two weeks, and it’s famous for a father shooting up his daughter’s laptop.  Of course, YouTubers have already gone parody on the thing, and there’s already one man who claims the whole thing is a hoax.  Do you know who should really get on board with this video?  A computer company.  They should feature their own laptop, and in my mind, the laptop is indestructible.  It’s bulletproof.  It can go through any kind of torture and still look shiny and new.

The Art Of Leverage In The Video World

Leveraging something in the video world almost always means “parody,” but it also can be “inspired by.”  Take a look at all the “S*** Say” videos that sprung out of “S*** Girls Say.”  There are several videos cleaning up because they found something popular and emulated it with some sort of variation.  Leverage can also occur around holidays, events, and people’s deaths (see: Whitney Houston).

Here’s the “Facebook Parenting” video.  It’s ripe for leveraging:

This is a rare opportunity that comes along that some company needs to benefit from as soon as possible: a viral video featuring a product that gets shot with .45 exploding hollow point tips!  The possibilities are endless.  This is like combining “Will It Blend?” with “FPS Russia.”  Heck, get the guy from FPS Russia to blow away some laptops for you (or at least try).

Not to mention, “Will It Blend?”  But…maybe they would be uncomfortable with the idea that their blenders couldn’t destroy a laptop.

Can you imagine the greatness that would be, say, Alienware, taking this video and milking it for everything it’s worth?  You have a frustrated dad promising to put bullets into a kid’s laptop and the bullets ricochet off the casing?  The bullets don’t work, so he tries slamming it into trees (maybe it chops one down, who knows?), pounding it into concrete, dropping it from great heights.  Nothing works.  It’s Alienware (or similar company…but I just like the idea of it being “alien”).

Later on in the campaign, FPS Russia guy comes in and he’s all, “I am going to try my AA-12 fully automatic shotgun on this laptop,” and the Alienware just glows.  It’s from another world, it can’t be beaten.

Basically, a company can find an audience of millions in a short time if they latch onto the popularity of another thing in a meaningful way.  There is a product in this video just waiting to prove its mettle.  And to get it seen, all you have to do is tie it in to something that already has 27 million views.  Make it a video response, use the same metadata alongside your product’s metadata, see your product get all kinds of attention it didn’t get before.

As always, the video shouldn’t be a straight ripoff, it should be clever and meaningful to your product.  It would be great doing a series of these and they don’t even come off as advertisements.  You could even make them “Lost YouTube Videos,” claiming they were never posted because the father wanted to teach his daughter a lesson, but ended up shaming himself trying to destroy the laptop (and I don’t know, maybe because it proves that aliens exist or something).

Anyway, this needs to be done…fast.  That’s a world of entertainment and product placement just sitting there waiting to be leveraged.