This summer, Facebook wants to put video ads in your feeds.  And knowing how well these ads will be targeted, Facebook is wanting $1 million for those ads, according to a report by Ad Age.  The ads are supposedly going to autoplay on the left and right sides of the main feed, and although there are plans to make it work for mobile, but no one really knows how they’re going to do that outside of covering the screen with an ad like you see on many other mobile sites.  Video ads are set to hit Facebook screens by June or July.

Facebook Video Ads: Are Brands Ready for the Price Tag?

According to Ad Age, Facebook is holding their own sort of “upfront” for four daily summer slots.  It’s casting a wide net: Women Under 30, Women Over 30, Men Under 30, and Men Over 30, which sounds like “everybody.”  They will be no longer than 15 seconds and people will only be subject to them 3 times a day.  But you know how those things go: if they’re super successful there will be more and more probably.

If successful, Facebook could make a haul of $4 million a day, but it does seem improbable they would be able to find 4 brands daily contributing $1 million for ads that will be deemed intrusive by many.  There is speculation they are looking for brands with lots of TV ad spending dollars.  Anyway, this is a move that many will be following closely.  My only question is, if you’re trying to start something and be successful at it, why does it have to be so expensive right off the bat?  I guess you really don’t need the money with prices like that.