Advertisers’ main goal in online video is getting a relevant ad to the right kind of video so that the audience is more likely to watch it.  Another goal is to make an ad that can be shown all over the country (or world) but have specific information exclusive to each city.  The way an advertiser does that on TV is to make however many versions of that ad with new text that is needed.  Online, Eyeview uses a real-time technology that changes the text for relevancy wherever it might locate your IP address.  The company just landed $5.2 million in venture capital, and be prepared to see it everywhere.

Eyeview Technology Is Pretty Amazing

Of course, like always, when talking about technology such as this, seeing is better than reading:

Eyeview raised money through Nauta Capital and joined original investors Gemini Israel Funds, Lightspeed Ventures, and Innovation Endeavors, which was former Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s company.  The money the company has raised will go towards expanding their reach, and considering that they have already landed businesses like T-Mobile and McDonald’s, it’s not too hard to believe that by the end of 2012, you will see these ads everywhere.

CEO Oren Harnevo talked with Beet.TV in May last year, and here’s what he had to say about the technology, explaining how it works:

Jeremy wrote a lot about this technology last year in this article.  It’s pretty awesome.  I hope they never get to the point of Minority Report though, where an ad is so specific it calls me by name, although I wouldn’t mind the T-Mobile girl doing that.