Our own Dave Holland moderated this panel, entitled “Reel Case Studies – The Anatomy of Successful Video Marketing,” which had Jason Thibeault, Director of Marketing Strategy at Limelight; Chris Vasquez of Poptent, and Jen Grogono, CEO of uStudio.  All three presented an example of a successful video marketing campaign.  In this post, we will cover Thibeault’s case study with EyeMotion.

Limelight Video Marketing Case Study: EyeMotion

EyeMotion is a provider of digital presence software and technologies for optometrists.  You know, websites.  One problem doctors were having was keeping people on the site for longer and ranking highly in search.  EyeMotion launched an Educational Video Center which they could put on all pages, including the home page.


Case Study Results:

So what did they find out?

1. Video Works–the average amount of time people were spending with any video was 1:05, the full length.  And 20 percent of the entire site’s activity was video clicks.  66 percent of views were from unique visitors.

2. Engagement is Global–EyeMotion figured people would see a video on a home page, go straight to it, and immediately play it.  But they found only 27 percent of the views were from the home page player.  So they realized that video had to be a part of the entire digital experience, woven throughout the website.

3. There Are Intangible Benefits–Doctors started showing the videos to patients at the office.  50 percent of all EyeMotion doctors are using video to explain diagnoses, using it as a face-to-face engagement tool.

The results were that 75% of EyeMotion patients select the package that includes video, which increases annual revenue.

  • Doctors get great videos that help acquire customers and provide a helpful face-to-face resource.
  • Consumers get educational videos to help explain diagnoses.
  • EyeMotion increases revenue, value, and “stickiness” from optometrists.

That’s part 1 of the video.  We’ll move on to part 2 with Jen Grogono in our next post.  If you just cant wait and want to watch the entire Summit, a playlist is here.

We’d like to thank Video Aptitude for making the recording of the summit possible.