evenhere-logoSo you’re watching some show or video and see something really cool. Your mind begins to wander and you can’t help but think ‘how and where do I get one of those?’ Well that’s exactly where Evenhere.com comes in. Their service allows you to bookmark and buy products that you see on TV, in magazines, on the web or in a video clip immediately.

evenhere-article-1Evenhere’s service is a product overlay. They don’t use a standard hotspotting over every product which could obscure the content; instead they have more of a bottom of the screen ticker that shows highlighted products. This means that it won’t distract from the original content. As you can see in the upper left image there is no interface present.

evenhere-article-2When you activate the functionality it brings up the ticker-like interface at the bottom of the screen. When you choose an item it will bring up the information in a full video display that will allow you to navigate to further information, places to buy and bookmarking options. If you’re watching via any type of digital cable or via DVR, PVR you can even pause so you won’t miss anything important and still manage to get the information or products you’re interested in. In fact, in the demo I just saw when you click on the item to get the details it automatically pauses the video for you.

evenhere-article-3Buying directly from your television is a novel concept that many people will not really be able to wrap their heads around so Evenhere has a web store feature as well. The store allows you to search by network, show, episode, date and product category. This is also how they are tying into print media, as in magazines, by allowing readers to search the site by magazine, issue and even by specific page. After looking at all this information I personally thought it was what I would term “uber-cool,” which I in fact told Brian Rogers the CEO of Evenhere. I mean how often have you seen something on TV or a magazine and later went to search for it aimlessly or even more often forgot about it totally? Well now you won’t need to ever worry about that again. With the new Evenhere service you’ll be able to buy immediately or bookmark for later to any of a number of bookmarking and social networking sites including Facebook, Reddit, Deli.cio.us and more. Mr. Rogers has stated the with the web store they are looking at users having personal account and being able to bookmark directly to that sort of like a wish list.

Why Should you Know?

Well I can see various reasons why you should be interested in this product. Firstly, if you’re a publisher it could be a way to monetize your content by affiliate programs and strategic partnerships with product manufacturers or retailers. If you’re, oh let’s say, a real estate agent or agency you could show models off and fill them with furniture. When prospective buyers watch the videos they can click through and buy the items they saw and you might make some commission based on the sales. It could definitely generate some extra income in some way.

If you’re a retailer or manufacturer the obvious benefit is that it’s an entirely new revenue channel possibility. Let’s face it, the economy, well put simply, sucks. So as a retailer or product manufacturer you need every edge you can get at present and this could definitely give you an edge over your competition if they don’t hop on board or see the value of this service.

What I Found Out

I can’t include the demo I saw during research, but I can tell you that it’s slick. There’s a simple unobtrusive shopping cart icon in the lower right corner that activates the ticker. The ticker shows whatever products are being highlighted. When you see something you want to know more about you click the small image in the ticker and the full display comes up and Evenhere pauses the video. That’s so simple that even my computer challenged mother can manage it.

Evenhere is already integrating with Brightcove (it seems like everyone is lately doesn’t it?) and they are working on their plan to “integrate with all significant online video players,” according to Brian Rogers, CEO and Founder of Evenhere. He’s also mentioned the OpenCable Application Platform and being compatible with that. ReelSEO recently reported on the Open Screen Project and Flash being extended to Intel CE chips, when asked about this project Mr. Rogers stated that they -Evenhere- are aware of the project but have not yet begun to look at compatibility.

Information is power so I asked about what kinds of metrics are being tracked. Mr. Rogers stated that they are doing basic tracking of any user click action. That means when someone clicks the shopping cart to activate the ticker, when they click on a product and it pauses the video, when they click through via the Buy Now or the bookmark links. He also said, “We can also easily interface with any affiliate marketing partner that tracks CPA and CPM.”

My thoughts

Honestly, this looks like a really great product. It adds revenue channels where none existed before and does away with the need for non-targeted ads that interrupt the video content and ‘switch the viewer off.’ Everyone knows that we hate commercial interruptions being forced upon us. But we also want information when we want it. Evenhere seems to take all of that into account and provide what could be the future of online video advertising.