This was an extremely good week for video, so good, I wondered to myself if this was the week when YouTube could have possibly broken from the sheer mass of people watching all the different videos.  So many thrilling and funny pieces of content were flying all over this week, it would be hard to contain them all.  But I’m going to try.  Here for you are videos that are guaranteed to make your weekend better.  And if you don’t want to watch them on the weekend, watch them on Monday.  You’ll feel like the weekend started all over again.  These are that good.

Fun Video Friday, April 12, 2013

Let’s start off with a trio of “Epic” videos.  First, we have a SUPER COLOSSAL VIRAL video from Mister Epic Mann, “How Animals Eat Their Food,” which has collected 14 million views in just a couple of days:

Epic Meal Time decided to melt a whole bunch of chocolate and make a 100 pound chocolate bar, and a pretty lady indulges:

Epic Rap Battles of History pits Skrillex vs. Mozart:

Did you not get enough Skrillex there?  Well one man by the name of Jack Conte has remixed Skrillex with Daft Punk and this is what came out:

Rupert Grint will probably always be known as Ron Weasley from Harry Potter.  But here, he takes part in a cool side-by-side LEGO music video from Ed Sheeran called LEGO House:

Here’s a beautiful cover from subway violinists Rhett Price & Josh Knowles, who perform Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble:”

Did you ever wonder what Game of Thrones might be like if it became a Disney musical?  AV Byte has Princess Daenerys sing a heartfelt Disney-esque ballad, and it’s not only kinda funny, but it’s also really good:

OK a combo of videos here for you.  One, a senior from Pepperdine University named Shaina asks Joe Jonas to her formal.  And then Joe Jonas responds:

Joe Jonas responds:

Maybe she should have attempted the “Senn Way to Ask a Girl to Prom:”

Mystery Guitar Man goes a lot of places in his videos.  This time he gets “Stuck in a Video Game:”

Mary Doodles draws yet another entertaining love story taking place on a gruesome backdrop in “Remember That Cyclops:”

ZeFrank’s hilarious delving into the art of a child in “Critique of Monkey Farter:”

“Cat Poses in Mirror.”  Here’s a title that doesn’t do the video justice.  This cat is doing what people do when they try to “fool” the mirror.  You won’t be able to take your eyes off this:

And you definitely won’t be able to take your eyes off Isaac Brumaghim’s run-in with a shark in a kayak (has some bad language, but you’d swear too if this happened to you):

You think that’s dangerous?  How about this white-knuckle POV pursuit by a Florence, Alabama police officer on a motorcycle when a car doesn’t want to pull over:

Danger is the type of thing Ken Block excels in.  And this time, he’s racing a car through a forest in Russia for GoPro:

Chelsea FC wants you to know that if it’s blue, what else matters?

Onto the learning vids, now.  VSauce asks, if you were to take a huge straw and stick it in the ocean, and extend it out into space, would all the water just get sucked up into the universe?

Veritasium decided to go with the “Oh, that’s so cool!” science project this week with a slow-motion look at imploding drums:

And whenever CGP Grey posts a video I’m excited.  This time he goes over the extremely confusing country known as Vatican City:

As always, have a great Friday, and other days as well.