A year ago, Epic Meal Time came into being, and somewhere in the world, pigs and cows sensed a presence in the force they hadn’t felt since humans discovered fire.  That first episode began with a “Fast Food Pizza” that is insane by most standards, taking a high-calorie item from several fast food chains, putting it on a pizza, baking it, and eating it.  Little did we know at the time, but Epic Meal Time was holding back.  They had far, far, larger, more insane, is-that-even-edible colossi in store for us.  With a testosterone-fueled, Jack Daniels-soaked fervor, Epic Meal Time has shocked, grossed-out, and more importantly, made us laugh in the past year with its slapstick ingredients that we would have once took for a joke in a Zucker Brothers production.

Epic Meal Time’s Unlikely Success

It usually takes some time before a channel hits 1 million subscribers.  Freddie Wong’s channel took a little over a year, which is astounding.  But Epic Meal Time took a mere 9 months.  It was picked up by Revision3 in April, and each new episode on Tuesday becomes a regular million-view staple.  Their top episode so far is a Thanksgiving special where they stuff 5 kinds of birds in a pig, fill and cover it with liberal amounts of bacon, and “garnish” it with Wendy’s Baconators.  This video has over 11 million views:

Host Harley Morenstein is perfect for this show, because everything he says is over-the-top “epic” masculinity, the swears hilariously bleeped out by crow caws, and always looks absolutely certifiable with his shaggy beard, crazy eyes, and Montreal Expos hat.  His sidekicks also fit the show nicely, the so-called “Muscles Glasses” (Alex Perrault) and David Heuff, Tyler Lemco, Josh Elkin, and Ameer Atari all round it out.  They haven’t forgotten the women, though.  Beautiful women eating these monsters of meat construction is either cute, or along the lines of appearing in an adult film, or both depending on your perspective.

Epic Meal Time Celebrates One Year Of Impossible Meat Consumption

Here is Epic Meal Time harkening back to their first episode, but making it way, way, more “epic” and completely blowing away the idea that they had back then, with a Fast Food Pizza Cake.  This contains oh, about five, six hundred times more pizza, burgers, and bacon than the first one did, covered in batter, deep fried, and then gets eaten by a special guest, right after they highlight one year of animal farm slaughter and chocolate “saowse”:

Epic Meal Time And Halloween

It should come as no surprise that Epic Meal Time often crosses the line into horror.  And because we’re in October and in a Halloween mood, here’s some Epic Meal Time episodes that fit the bill of “scary,” including last week’s hit, “Meat Cthulhu”:

And, zombies.  Why not?  Everybody’s doing it:

Happy Birthday, EMT

Epic Meal Time shows that creativity, and sometimes insanity, can lead to a major hit.  The show has captured that perfect sense of disbelief that makes it an instant-watch every time they release a new episode.  The only thing people wonder about now with these guys, is how they’re not dead.  Of course, they often eat the food in packs, and we never really see the plate cleaned, so I doubt all of that food gets eaten, at least in one sitting.  What might be hard to believe is that these guys work pretty hard.  You don’t get a following by lazing around.  And even though everything about this show is jaw-dropping ridiculous, you have to admire the bravery in all of this.  Epic Meal Time is here to stay, and we’ll continue watching, while we quietly consoling our stomachs.