Epic Meal Time‘s success is amazing, and it keeps on rolling with the announcement that it will get a chance on the gaming/entertainment network G4 soon.  The deal gives Epic Meal Time a pilot, but let’s face it, that show is likely to get a season there as the show seems easily tailored for success on TV.  The web sensation was picked up by Revision3 in April and their YouTube channel has more than 2 million subscribers and nearly 300 million upload views.  And now, they go to a perfect place for their demented cooking show in G4.

Epic Meal Time Gets TV Deal – The Latest YouTube Channel To Jump To TV

This comes not too long after another YouTube sensation, The Annoying Orange, was picked up by The Cartoon Network last monthEpic Meal Time will be produced by Comcast Entertainment Studios, with producers of The Soup and Web Soup on board.  According to the parameters of the deal, G4 will have no stake in the Rev3/YouTube version of the show.  Which makes me wonder, are they still going to produce episodes on the web while they do longer versions on G4?

The show is hosted by Harley Morenstein and hails from Montreal.  Here’s a few of Epic Meal Time‘s episodes, including their latest Christmas-themed episode, “Bacon Tree:”

This one, called “Happy Meal Time” got kids involved:

They’ve even got pretty girls to indulge several times:

It’s a foregone conclusion that this show will make it on G4.  In fact, it might even quickly be their biggest hit if/when it gets a shot at a full season.