Attention all you serious video marketers and producers! The Practising Law Institute is holding a 3-day conference March 14-16th, Counseling Clients in the Entertainment Industry 2011, which will be covering the important legal issues that you need to know that affecting the video marketplace and your industry – including talent agreements, licensing recordings, right of publicity, user-generated content, and a whole lot more. Learn why you should seriously consider attending and give yourself a “legal video education,” to protect yourself and gain a competitive advantage with knowing your rights and legal responsibilities.

The Entertainment Law (with Video) Conference and Webinar

Counseling Clients in the Entertainment Industry 2011” is a conference by the Practising Law Institutes (PLI), as part of their educational series featuring live seminars and webcasts, along with on-demand learning about pressing legal issues in today’s professional world.

Entertainment attorneys and business executives will discuss legal, financial, business, and ethical issues in the practice of entertainment law. They will be addressing high-level issues in entertainment industry transactions; and will cover legal and business issues and emerging trends in the television and video industries, including recent developments involving online video and user-generated content.

Why Video Marketers and Other Professionals Should Attend

Granted, PLI has an excellent conference for lawyers and practitioners who didn’t have a lot of experience in the area of video and entertainment law. But it’s also a great conference for businesses and those who want to get a birds-eye view of current cutting edge legal issues around online video, from both seasoned academics and attorneys with actual case studies.

Since my very first in-person attendance back in 2010 for a Chicago conference, I’ve found this series very valuable for web video professionals who want to gain a basic understanding of the important legal issues facing our own industry. I’ve stressed for a long time here at ReelSEO the importance that video marketers and solutions providers need to pay attention to legal considerations – copyright & fair use, right of publicity, defamation, trademarks, etc. The best way to do that is by investing in a basic education that provides an overview of these important issues, and I believe best way for most everyone to do that is from a law conference such as this. Even if you decide to wait, fortunately PLI has a large archive of on-demand webcasts of video and audio recordings, plus many other legal collections that you can purchase and peruse anytime.

What’s the Agenda?

You can view the full PLI event schedule here. I recommend businesses especially tune into the live presentation with PLI’s co-Chair Ken Kaufman.

Who will be starting off the event with fellow attorney Howard Siegel on an Entertainment Law Issues with Television, Video & User-Generated Content:

  • Overview of the television and video marketplace
  • Acquisition of underlying rights
  • Option agreements
  • Life story rights
  • Structuring the acquisition of rights (licenses, assignments, and works made for hire)
  • Production, financing and distribution agreements
  • Co-productions and joint ventures
  • Cable and pay television productions
  • Talent agreements
  • Special issues in reality TV productions
  • Advertising and product placement
  • Music rights for television productions
  • Key issues involving user-generated content
  • The impact of digital media on traditional business models
  • Trends and future outlook

Some of the other sessions for the conference will include:

  • Sound recordings – current issues and trends in the recording industry, including digital distribution of sound recordings (including in web video),
  • Music publishing – understanding licensing terms an concepts, and learning how to build proper legally-binding agreements.
  • Sports Law: The Use of Athletes’ Images — The Right of Publicity in a Sports Context

How can I attend?

Everyone can register for the live webcast, which will commence March 14th, 9 am Eastern. All sessions will be recorded and archived as on-demand video & audio, with research papers and speaker presentations. You can also attend in-person at the New York location, or attend the Groupcast at several locations taking place simultaneously in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

What’s the Cost?

The Cost is $1,895 for the full 3-day seminar. Live web registrants will be able to download the course handbook 24 hours before the program.

That may sound steep to some marketers, but I can say the value is extensive with what you get back from it for a solid legal education around online video for your business – which non-lawyers as well as lawyers can follow.  It certainly makes for great insurance for video producers and marketers to know the law, better work with legal counsel, and protect your own business!

How Do I Sign Up or Learn More?

For further event information, contact membership or call (800) 260-4PLI

About The Practising Law Institute (PLI)

The Practising Law Institute (PLI) is a non-profit continuing legal education organization chartered by the Regents of the University of the State of New York, founded in 1933. PLI is dedicated to providing the legal community and allied professionals with the most up-to-date, relevant information and techniques, which are critical to the development of a professional, competitive edge.  They achieve these goals through quality Seminars held annually in locations across the United States, annually supplemented Treatises, Audio CDs and DVDs, MP3s, Live Webcasts, Course Handbooks, and On-Demand Learning.

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