The most powerful emotion we have isn’t love, it’s fear. So say advertising agency John St., who, after tackling the catvertising meme with such aplomb, set their sights on the latest video craze, prankvertising. The Toronto agency’s new spoof on the ad world promises that they’ll do anything, a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g, to help you get your brand noticed, be it the kidnap of a baby to promote your deodorant or ripping a couple from their bed in the dead of night by masked intruders to give your new beer the viral treatment.

The agency promise that their new marketing strategy, “exFEARiential” will give your customers an experience they will never forget, literally. Fear and memory are so interlinked that scaring the living daylights out of a consumer will sear your brand message in their brain forever. And never mind actors, using real people in real horrifying situations means not only are they in the ad – they ARE the ad. John St. have already picked up a couple of well deserved awards for the spoof. Really, it’s almost too good….

In addition to the main attraction, John St went that extra mile and produced full videos of the fake stunts: