Encoding.com announced that they have worked with Roku to make several profiles for video encoding specifically for the Roku service. So now when you’re wondering what settings you need to use to get that video looking crisp and streaming quickly for Roku users, you can just pop over to Encoding.com and use their service.

Now aspiring video content creators, heck, even established content creators and publishers can get into the action and reach all those Roku users like never before.

From today’s press release:

Because Roku is an open platform, anyone can create a content channel for the Roku Channel Store. Using the Roku SDK, developers can create anything from a basic free VOD channel to a full-subscription movie service. Now, the process for creating a video channel is even easier with five pre-tested presets provided by Encoding.com to output Roku-compatible video: an HTTP live streaming (adaptive bitrate), and four MP4 outputs in HD and SD formats at: 800, 1200, 1800 or 2700 kbps. All five Roku presets adhere to Roku’s specific encoding guidelines.

So that’s quite cool actually. This is the first time that Encoding.com has teamed with a partner platform like this to make a set of profiles. So combine that with all the other cool Encoding.com features like their Adobe Air desktop app, XML API where you can have it all automated. They also offer delivery of the finished videos to your choice of location including FTP server which is awesome for that automated process.

There are other profiles but none are really dedicated to a specific OVP or service. They are all suggested profiles for devices like Apple TV, Android, or specific formats like Windows Media, or WebM. The only one that might be considered to be for a specific service is the Wowze profile, but that’s really a media server.

This is a pretty smart move by Roku and Encoding.com, what better way to get more people using both services than to tie them together, right?