Approximately 57% of Kickstarter launches fail to reach their target while 10% of projects on the site never receive even a single pledge. So how do you rise above the noise to reach those who are willing to fund your project? We take a look at one successful Kickstarter story who raised the amount they needed in just 18 days by using video to get their message across.

Pornography addiction is a provocative topic. Now, make it a little more provocative by focusing on how Christians and churches view the subject. Jessica Mockett who has worked in the field of video production for seven years, decided she would take on the controversy and create a full length film that will open minds and hearts on the ever increasing addiction of internet pornography. She has used Kickstarter twice to raise the necessary funds needed to get the movie project off the ground. 

She uses dramatic and beautifully done storytelling techniques to show the viewer how relevant this issue is. The soccer mom look of some of her subjects might surprise you. Each person tells a true and painful story of addiction and redemption. Jessica’s aim is to show the world these people are simply human, not stereotypical creeps, but individuals who have feelings and families and frailties. She says shaming them, like many religious cultures have done, is not the answer. That, in fact shame only makes the problem worse.

In this clip, shot with the $40K raised from Jessica’s first Kickstarter campaign, notice the shades of gray in the background. She wanted people to see this is not a black and while issue. The gray panels are textured symbolizing the layers of complexity associated with addiction and healing. Jessica also insisted that everyone in the film be out in the open with their face and their voice. There would be no “covering up” of identities. She used a lot of laughter and warmth on the set to help people feel at ease. You’ll see the results of her ability to interview and help these people reveal their very personal secrets and stories.

Jessica hired a few people to work on social media and blogging to help her raise the 40k she set as her goal and the campaign started off with an outpouring of donations. They raised 12k in about the first fourteen days. But, then things just slowed down. So, Jessica took the advice of the people at and put herself in front of the camera; she replaced her campaign video to include a personal pitch. In the first two days after launching the new video, they raised over $5k and had no problem reaching the $40K goal. She says your online donors need to “meet” you and understand why you want your project. She went on camera with her producer, and the move paid off.

Her latest campaign on Kickstarter, which just wrapped up October 5th , was also successful. She raised over 15k; enough to win a matching 15k grant from a private Christian foundation.

Jessica has been raising money for her film since 2012, and she’s got a lot more to go. She says if her topic had nothing to do with religion, she would have probably already been able to get the support of a network. But, for Jessica it’s not about just producing any film. She is committed to helping the church and Christians view this topic in a new light with more understanding.

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If you’ve had success with funding a film, or you just want more advice on the topic, please let me know. I, too, have a project to get off the ground and would welcome advice and insight and be able to share your experiences here on ReelSEO.