Controversial YouTube performer Evan Emory is back on YouTube. The singer gave his first public music performance yesterday on a local radio station, sharing new songs he composed while in Muskegon County Jail in Michigan. The video has now appeared on his own YouTube channel and is being publicized on the radio station’s Website.

Here’s the video clip of Evan Emory’s freestyle rap performance on the 104.5FM radio station WSNX The Morning After Show in Muskegon, Michigan yesterday…

You can also go to the 104.5 WSNX podcast page to listen to the interview of Evan Emory, speaking for the first time since his release from jail.

For those new to the case and our coverage, watch our recap here: Evan Emory “YouTube Criminal” Case.

The YouTube Performance that Almost Wasn’t

Evan’s radio performance was earlier cancelled out of his concern of it being a parole violation. However Evan’s attorney, Terry Nolan, had informed me that he had the freedom to go on with his radio performance. However, for the terms of his 2-year probation, he is legally prohibited from performing “the song” he used to make into a video on YouTube where he tricked an elementary school community, and which got him convicted of a felony.

Evan mentioned on the show that he is planning with one of his friends on doing a studio recording of some of his songs composed while in jail.

Is Doing a YouTube Video Being Socially Responsible?

Evan Emory performing June 20, 2011, inside the WSNX 104.5fm radio station on "The Morning After" show.

Or, is it too soon? Evan has said that while he understands that some of the parents in the community are likely to be angry with him for seeking attention again, he said to me that being able to perform is the only way he can attempt to making a living for himself and try to find paid gigs. No calls were taken during Evan’s time on the morning radio show.

During our meeting last week in his home town in Muskegon, Michigan, Evan wished not discuss on the record with me his case or time in jail, or anything related to the YouTube video until he could be assured of receiving clearance from his parole officer. For now, he simply wants to try to be a professional entertainer.