Last week, I published an interview with Justin Foster, Co-Founder of Liveclicker and founder of the Video Commerce Consortium where he talked about the basic principles for creating e-commerce videos that sell.  Today, I offer up to you an incredibly insightful, in-depth whitepaper authored by Justin and titled, “Conceiving, Producing, & Deploying e-Commerce Videos that Sell.”

By outlining the basic steps from idea to implementation, the whitepaper takes retailers and e-commerce companies through the entire process of creating and deploying online videos that compel shoppers to buy (I mean, that is the purpose, right.)

Some retailers view video as an entertainment medium.  Others see it as a social media tool.  While e-commerce video may both entertain and provide a valuable service for customers, within the context of e-commerce, video needs to be thought of primarily as a sales tool.  If you do not believe the primary purpose of video in e-commerce is to sell more products, this whitepaper is not written for you.

Citing long-standing and widely accepted research, the whitepaper demonstrates how to approach the entire topic and find the beginning point. From there it gives information on how to turn video viewers into buyers.

If you or your firm are getting into online video or thinking about it, then read this in its entirety.  It will help you design your project and as well as help you avoid common pitfalls and make the most out of your budget.  It also provides real world examples of successful e-commerce video implementations and shows you some commonly used software and the basics of video production and editing.  It’s a long read, but a good one.  You can also download a copy of the whitepaper here.

In case you missed it – Here was our video with Justin:

The Video Commerce Consortium the largest trade group for e-commerce professionals, online marketers and technologies and is devoted to advancing the use of video in e-commerce. You can register to join for free here.

Thanks Justin for the in-depth whitepaper.