“Oh here we go”, you may be thinking to yourself. “More advice on the million and one things I supposedly need to do to stay ahead in the wonderful world of ecommerce. Everyday it may seem, to those of you who stay abreast of the latest news, there’s some new way to optimize your site.  And all that “free” advice can become not only daunting, but also costly, if you don’t know which tidbits to follow. 

ecommerce video SEO with TreepodiaThis post was made possible by Treepodia, an ecommerce video solutions provider. Treepodia works to cover your entire catalog with product videos in 24hrs, and optimize those videos for Google via Dynamic Video Sitemaps.

So let’s put it this way. Let’s assume that we already agree on the following 3 things:

  1. You need product videos on your site – they can help conversions – whether watched, or not.
  2. You need to be wherever your customers could possibly find you.
  3. Effective SEO is incredibly important for the success of your online business.

Now, the key is combining these three essentials to make sure you’re maximizing your sales potential.

Full Video Coverage Is the only Truly Effective Coverage

Sure you know what your top-sellers are, as well as which products offer you the highest profit margin. You could of course focus on these products exclusively, but why limit yourself when full video coverage is an achievable goal?

By covering each and every product with engaging video content, you are ensuring positive results in terms of increasing sales, as well as customer engagement and loyalty.

Make Sure All Of Your Videos Are Indexed

As an etailer, you are likely investing a lot of time and effort in SEO.  Then why, might I ask, do you continue to hide some of your content (video) from Google?

In all likelihood, despite your best intentions, it is more than likely that some of your most valuable content is not being made visible to the Google web crawlers. That’s because despite their best efforts, Google does not automatically index all video content across the web. Your best bet, is to actively inform Google that you have such content available.

This is an extremely crucial matter as exposing your videos to the major search engines has proven one of the most immediate and effective ways to boost your SEO efforts. That’s because all of the search engines place a higher value on pages with video content, which means your pages with video have the opportunity to rank at the top of search engine results, within universal video results (exactly where you want them to be).

Getting there is not all that hard. What you need to do is deliberately and systematically expose all of your video content (including each video’s title, description, location, duration and more) to Google.

The best way to do so is to submit a comprehensive video sitemap to Google, preferably one that is dynamic, to reflect any changes to your product videos (in terms of inventory, price modifications, etc.), in real time.

This too can be done inexpensively and automatically with a few simple mouse-clicks, and there are several e-commerce video solutions providers that possess the capability to create and submit dynamic video sitemaps to Google for video indexing and video SEO.

Best of all, video sitemaps work! OnlineGolf, a Treeopodia client, immediately realized the efficacy of adding a video sitemap when within 24 hours of implementation they went from 0 video results in Google Video to 1,560 video results (i.e. their entire product catalog was effectively indexed, and can now be found by both Google and all Google searchers).

TruffleShuffle, an online retailer of retro t-shirts, has had a similarly positive experience, with popular products such as the “Elmo Rainbow T-Shirt” immediately jumping to the first page of Google results.

Syndicate Videos That Deliver Results To YouTube & Beyond

You already have the video content, why not use it in as many ways as possible?  YouTube, as you may well know is the largest search engine after Google.  If people are searching on YouTube, then YOU (i.e. your content) must be there.

Your next essential step towards full coverage is to upload all of your existing video content to the major video sharing portals, especially YouTube.  In many cases, despite the fear of YouTube cannibalization, uploading your videos to YouTube in conjunction with indexing videos on your own site, can allow you the opportunity to dominate both universal video search results listings.

Doing so on an individual basis may be prohibitively costly.  So again, similar to the mass creation of your actual videos, you may want to upload all your product videos that perform well to the video sharing sites.  A good e-commerce video platform should be able to do this for you automatically, with functionality to take maximum advantage of syndicated exposure.

Do It NOW To Stay Ahead

Time is of the essence. Right now, video SEO presents a huge opportunity for e-commerce retailers, in part because of the fact that few have yet to embrace this powerful tactic for search engine exposure.  Before too long, everybody will catch on to the importance of full video indexing. If you don’t act now and submit your up-to-date video sitemap, you may lose your opportunity to gain an advantage and stay ahead in the search engines.

The first to act will win, and there is good evidence to suggestion with confidence that video offers a distinct advantage in Google, Bing, and other search engines.

ecommerce video SEO with TreepodiaThis post was made possible by Treepodia, an ecommerce video solutions provider. Treepodia works to cover your entire catalog with product videos in 24hrs, and optimize those videos for Google via  Dynamic Video Sitemaps.