Earlier this month I interviewed Justin Foster at the Streaming Media West Conference / Online Video Platform Summit in Los Angeles. Justin, co-founder of LiveClicker, an e-commerce video technology solutions provider, spoke with me after the moderated the panel, “New Strategies for Marketing and Ecommerce.” Watch our video interview where discuss e-commerce opportunities with retailer videos, social media, user-generated video innovations, YouTube marketing and more.

Grant’s mouth: Justin, you had several notable panelists talking about new monetization with search and social media strategies. Tell me, how was that session like?

Justin: It was a great session. Each of the retailers on our panel is using their own innovative strategy to tap into social media using video. It was awesome to moderate.

Grant’s Brain: Geez, yet another conference where the lunch sponsors fail to actually give a lunch ticket to the press. My stomach’s growling right now. I wonder if the lack of food is making me look pale.

Grant: What were some of the questions you asked the panelists about video marketing and video in e-commerce?

Justin: There’s been a lot of talk lately about the YouTube Promoted Videos program. So we were asking some of the retailers, how many of them are actually taking advantage of Promoted Videos and understand the potential benefits of doing CPC overlay buys in Promoted Videos. We found that it’s pretty early; we really don’t have a lot of retailers that are taking advantage of it yet. But you see a lot of people that are seeing a lot of opportunity.

Same goes for Facebook. I was really shocked that a couple of retailers on the panel really don’t make it possible to share a video that’s on their product detail page; but all of the panelists did think it was a good idea to enable sharing of their videos on the product detail page. So it seems like it’s pretty early.

Grant: So what are the challenges of doing video marketing in e-commerce today?

Justin: I think one of the interesting challenges that pose for marketers with online video is this: Marketers have a job to sell products. So, they have this need to generate revenue from people who are clicking through videos, using videos to actually buy, drive conversion rates, etc.

Yet, on the other side of it, you have talent; you have consumers, or even professionals that are creating video content that don’t have that seem need – their need is to drive audience. They need to build trust with that audience and not become too commercial. It’s really an interesting fine line that some of these retailers have to walk, as they begin to explore this new model of actually sourcing user-generated content. We’ll just see where this goes over the next couple years.

Grant’s brain: Man, I shouldn’t have gone without shaving this morning. Under this orange gel they have on the lighting, I look like John Boehner, or one of the cast of Jersey Shore!

My disclosure: I originally wrote an article on this interview over at one of the other publications I write for, the Video Commerce Consortium (Full disclosure: Justin is the founder of the blog, and it’s an excellent information resource for professionals involved in, or wanting to learn more about, video in e-commerce.)

So my editor and publisher here at ReelSEO, told me he’d like me to re-purpose it so it doesn’t read like a carbon copy of my article at VCC. So with that in mind, I decided to leave the full interview with Justin over at the VCC site, and here you get the inner workings of my brain while I was doing the interview – call it my own “streaming of conscious,” and where better to share it that at a conference with the name “Streaming Media” in it!

You can read the full interview with Justin and myself over at the Video Commerce Consortium blog site, sans stream-of-conscious musings. ;-)