Dunkin’ Donuts will break new ground this evening by being the first brand to use content from Vine in a TV ad. Making its debut during ESPN’s ‘Monday Night Football’ show the billboard ad, which has actually been cut down from 6 seconds to 5, will feature a latte which flips a coin to symbolise the start of a match. Furthermore, the brand aims to capitalise on the push by creating and promoting further Vines as the football season gets underway.

Scott Hudler, VP of Global Consumer Engagement at Dunkin said of the campaign:

We think a billboard using Vine is dramatically more engaging than a standard billboard with a corporate logo on it. Everyone is multitasking while watching TV with their phone, tablet or laptop. We want to make sure we’re supporting our TV investment with social media that’s . It’s our job to make sure that it’s tied together to drive consumer engagement.

Dunkin’ Donuts are no stranger to Vine. Back in May, they launched a contest aimed at generating user content around their Iced Coffee products which resulted in more exposure for the brand. You can see an example here:

Nissan and Virgin mobile are said to be making TV ads using Vine content very soon too. We’ll be following the Dunkin’ Donuts campaign closely to see the impact it has on future digital advertising for the brand.

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