Hello all.  It’s Friday once more, which means another batch of videos to ease into the weekend.  This week’s videos are particularly music-inspired creations, including the bold statement that Dubstep Solves Everything…for the third time.  A white lion cub and a dog wrestle around like a Disney movie.  And speaking of Disney, someone takes all the starch out of that “Happily Ever After” phrase when it comes to Disney princesses, especially Pocahontas.  And while we’re on the subject of history, Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla had an Epic Rap Battle.

Fun Video Friday, March 15, 2013

OK, let’s get the cuteness out of the way.  A dog and a white lion cub named Honey and Kwanza are going about being cute animals, and it was recorded for posterity:

Cracked wonders, “What if real people were famous websites?”


YouTuber Paint sings the sad story of what probably happened to some of your favorite Disney princesses after that whole “happily ever after” nonsense:

Justin Timberlake teams with Jimmy Fallon in a barbershop quartet version of his hit “SexyBack:”

The great one-take musical group cdza goes through a bunch of Epic Key Changes, because key changes make a song so much more epic:

Speaking of Epic, Epic Rap Battles got Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla to wage an electric war against each other, to decide who was the best scientist once and for all:

For the third time, Dubstep Solves Everything.  But this time, it takes two in an…Epic Dubstep Battle?  Try not to laugh at least once during in this thing.  It’s hilarious:

Everybody in the world apparently went nuts over this Water Sound Experiment by brusspup.  It shows what happens to falling water when you add some sound waves to it:

Numberphile decided that for this past Pi Day, he would solve for Pi with Pies:

Minutephysics continues his “universe” series by comparing the universe to YouTube video:

ASAPScience talks about the Science of Balding.  Is your mom to blame?

VSauce asks, “Why do we wear clothes?” and there isn’t a cursed apple in sight: