Our founder, Mark Roberston, had a chance to serve as moderater at the Streaming Media West conference on a panel discussion entitled Driving Video Views and Engagement With SEO & Social Media. With Josh Warner of Feed Company, Gregg LaRoche of Brightcove, and Patrick Starzan of Funny or Die, there was plenty of great insight and wisdom in the discussion.

And now that we have the whole thing on video, you can experience the panel as though you were there:

Driving Video Views and Engagement with SEO & Social Media


Full Panel Details

“Driving Video Views & Engagement With SEO & Social Media”

Thanks to social media platforms and search engine optimization, a tremendous opportunity exists in building new audiences and driving views via outside channels. In this session, speakers present and discuss the case for social video and video SEO. Additionally, panelists showcase real-life examples and case studies as well as provide expert guidance in terms of both planning for and implementing successful strategies and tactics to boost exposure and discover-ability.

Moderator: Mark Robertson, Founder, ReelSEO.com

Speaker: Josh Warner, Founder, CEO, Feed Company

Speaker: Patrick Starzan, VP, Marketing and Distribution, Funny or Die

Speaker: Gregg LaRoche, Director, Product Marketing, Brightcove