Another huge sub-genre on YouTube are prank videos.  If you can come up with one that gets the appropriate reactions, that video can get a crazy amount of attention, and more importantly, becomes the kind of video people share with their friends all over the place.  One such video was released a mere three days ago and has over 3 million views already.  It’s positioned itself as a possible Top 10 hit for 2013, because the prank is simple, well-done, and gets those great reactions that are very important in drawing in the viewers.

Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank

YouTube channel Magic of Rahat has built a very solid channel with over 400,000 subscribers and close to 40 million overall views.  He has a whole bunch of other pranks and magic tricks on this channel, but this video is already his biggest hit in a mere three days and is likely to be a runaway hit that gets into the tens of millions:

The simplicity of this prank is great, and I personally love it because it’s not one of those that are irritating, over-the-top embarrassing, or gets people angry.  It’s both harmless and hilarious.  These people working through the drive thru are definitely seeing something that is a product of their worst nightmares: it’s something they did not expect to see and cannot explain.  Line of the video: Instagram dat joint!

What’s more, this really could open the door for a lot of future videos involving the invisible driver, although he definitely doesn’t want to do that if a cop is around…or maybe he does…