DreamWorks, when it goes, it goes big. Instead of signing up for something as simple as a season of a web series with just a limited number of episodes, it went all in and has partnered with YouTube to provide daily content. That content will probably get a lot of home page space for promotions as well.

Daily Digest Magazine Focused on Trends

The show, YouTube Nation, is set to compile hot trending content in a tabloid/news magazine style. Considering that DreamWorks already owns AwesomenessTV, has the talent and the know how in-house. The interesting thing is whether YouTube Nation will simply cover premium YouTube Partners, those that received some of that several hundred million dollars YouTube poured into content creation, or will cover everything that’s new and exciting, on the rise, gaining through real people viewing and sharing the content themselves.

The move shows a new attitude at Google/YouTube which has mostly left the content creation to the creators and gone about its business of building the world’s largest video search portal. Now it seems that it’s rejuvenating the idea that they should be in the content creation arena as well and so they found a large production company ready and willing to partner with them. YouTube will certainly supply the data and content for the shows while DW will do all the heavy lifting with the talent both in front of and behind the cameras.

The Winds of Change are Blowing?

Also interesting is whether or not this is a new trend at YouTube, a company which, for the most part, has left the creation of content which drives the whole site, up to the masses with nary a hand involved aside from copyright infringement takedowns and such. YouTube still has investments in VEVO (#1 in YouTube Partners according to comScore) and Machinima. Are the winds now changing and will we see YouTube move into more content creation?

No one knows what works best on YouTube more than YouTube. Armed with nearly a decade of data on what’s watched, shared, commented on and liked, it should be able to put together some of the most popular new content on the site as well as drive viewers to what they most want to see. YouTube already has several production studios that it offers to its bigger content creators so has the resources to start producing a slew of content if they continue to make partnerships like this one. This could be all part of a new plan to keep the site growing and changing based on what the viewers want to see as well as drive more ad dollars to the site because of the new content and big name production studios on board. If so, it may be one of the biggest trends in 2014 has just begun and we don’t quite know it yet.